The Nvidia Chart Shows The Importance Of Earnings From Tesla, Meta, Microsoft, And Alphabet
The importance of NVIDIA Corp (NASDAQ:NVDA) earnings this week. The Arora Report's plan is to realize profits on NVDA hedges and add to NVDA at the appropriate time. The momo crowd is aggressively buying stocks in the early trade. Earnings from Tesla and others are expected to be strong.
Benzinga · 5h ago
Gold whacked in biggest one-day drop in over a year as Middle East fears ease
Gold futures fall more than 2% on Monday as Middle East fears ease. Most-active Comex gold contract for June delivery trades -2.5% to $2,532.80/oz. Worst one-day drop since February 3, 2023.
Seeking Alpha · 7h ago
Weekly Report: what happened at GLD last week (0415-0419)?
Weekly Report · 9h ago
Commodity Roundup: Oil sheds over 2%, gold down 1% as Mideast tensions ease
Commodities Energy Commodity Roundup: Oil sheds over 2%, gold down 1% as Mideast tensions ease. Crude oil prices fell more than 2% on Monday as Middle East tensions eased. Brent futures fell 0.58% to $86.58 a barrel. Gold prices retreated as well, registering a third consecutive weekly loss.
Seeking Alpha · 12h ago
Don't Fight The Central Banks, Consider Buying Gold
Gold has performed strongly in 2024 despite inflation and high interest rates, challenging historical norms. Central banks have been buying gold in droves. Investors are turning to "real" assets like gold as hedges against political uncertainty, war, and recessions. Investors should not fight the central banks, consider buying gold.
Seeking Alpha · 14h ago
Billionaire Investor Ray Dalio Is Sticking With Gold As A Hedge Against Inflation: 'History And Logic Show That ...'
Ray Dalio, the billionaire investor, is holding on to gold as a hedge against rising inflation and a looming debt crisis. Dalio has highlighted the escalating debt levels globally. The U.S. Debt is expected to reach a record $34 trillion this year. The former CEO of Bridgewater Associates also highlighted the debt issues faced by China, Japan, and Europe.
Benzinga · 15h ago
K92 Mining: Transformative Growth Keeps Us Bullish
Seeking Alpha · 2d ago
Gold tallies fifth straight weekly rise with Middle East risks rising
Gold tallies fifth straight weekly rise with Middle East risks rising. Front-month Comex gold for April delivery closed up +1.8% for the week to $2,398.40/oz. Gold's 16% YTD rally driven by a combination of geopolitical risks related to the Middle East and Ukraine.
Seeking Alpha · 2d ago
Benzinga's 'Stock Whisper' Index: 5 Stocks Investors Secretly Monitor But Don't Talk About Yet
The Benzinga Stock Whisper Index for the week of April 19 saw increased interest in five stocks. The index uses a combination of proprietary data and pattern recognition to showcase five stocks that warrant attention. Coinbase Global and G-III Apparel Group saw shares trade lower after reporting quarterly results.
Benzinga · 3d ago
Newmont: Redemption Has Finally Arrived
Seeking Alpha · 3d ago
Aggressive Stock Dip Buying – Iran Downplays Israeli Attack – Fed Official Talks Rate Hike
An Israeli attack on Iran has led to a big drop in stock futures on the news of the attack. The momo crowd is aggressively buying stocks in the early trade. Bitcoin is now trading over $65,000. Prudent investors should look at what you do not buy and hold as it is what you buy. The Arora Report says the Fed is not going to raise rates.
Benzinga · 3d ago
Top 10 Trending Stocks On WallStreetBets As Of April 19, 2024 (Via Swaggy Stocks)
Benzinga · 3d ago
What's the Better Safe Haven Market? (Part 2)
June gold looks to have moved into a short-term downtrend. The June futures contract hit a new 4-day high overnight on the news of explosions in Iran. The COMEX Gold Cash Index has increased 33% since the end of last year. Gold is still seen as the best safe haven market for investors.
Barchart · 3d ago
Commodity Roundup: Oil erases early gains, gold volatile after Israel’s strike on Iran
Seeking Alpha · 3d ago
Quiver Morning Markets News
U.S. Equity markets stabilized after limited impact of Israeli strikes on Iran. Global equities rebounded after initial caution due to eased tensions in the Middle East. The S&P 500 is on track for its sixth straight week of losses. Gold, the dollar, and oil prices saw minimal changes as geopolitical fears eased.
Barchart · 3d ago
Treasury Calm Contrasts Investor Rush to Gold and Bitcoin Over Debt Concerns
Investors are increasingly turning to alternative assets like gold and bitcoin as a hedge against inflation and currency devaluation. The U.S. Budget deficit is projected to reach $1.7 trillion in the coming years, raising concerns over the sustainability of government finances. Bitcoin and gold are seen as a safe haven against inflation. Despite this, the Treasury market remains relatively stable as a result of investor confidence in the dollar.
Barchart · 3d ago
Signs Of Life In Global Resources
Seeking Alpha · 3d ago
Buying To The Bottom In Gold & Silver With Don Durrett
Seeking Alpha · 4d ago
US Intensifies Economic Pressure On Iran In Response To Attack On Israel: 'We Will Continue To Deploy Our Sanctions Authority,' Yellen Says
U.S. Treasury announces new sanctions against Iran following the April 13 attack on Israel. Sanctions target 16 individuals and two organizations involved in developing Iran's Unmanned Aerial Vehicle capabilities. The Treasury is also taking action against Iran's steel industry in addition to Iran's military. The U.S.-led measures follow the G7 nations' call for coordinated measures against Iran.
Benzinga · 4d ago
Why Is The Gold Rally Leaving Silver Behind?
Seeking Alpha · 4d ago
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