Eurozone economy likely contracted in Q4, ECB's Lagarde says
Eurozone output likely contracted in Q4 2020 and the resurgence of COVID-19 poses downside risks to the short-term economic outlook, said European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde in her introductory
Seekingalpha · 6d ago
Everything Rallying But Dollar ETFs
The greenback has fallen to a three-year low as markets across the board rally. · 01/14 20:45
Currency Fluctuations: How they Affect the Economy
Investopedia · 01/03 23:21
Pound, euro climb as U.K.-EU trade deal appears imminent
The Invesco CurrencyShares British Pound Sterling Trust ETF (FXB) jumps 1.2% after reports that a U.K.-EU post-Brexit trade deal is imminent.Invesco CurrencyShares Euro Trust ETF ([[FXE]] +0.4%) also gains.By contrast, the
Seekingalpha · 12/23/2020 16:05
ECB staff lowers GDP expectations for the short term
The Eurosystem staff projects a decline in annual real GDP  of 7.3% this year, rebounding to growth of 3.9% in 2021 and 4.2% in 2022, European Central Bank Christine Lagarde
Seekingalpha · 12/10/2020 14:04
ECB boosts pandemic asset purchase program to €1.85T
The European Central Bank keeps its key interest rates unchanged and increases its pandemic emergency purchase program by €500B to  €1.85B in an effort to support favorable financing conditions and economic
Seekingalpha · 12/10/2020 12:54
ECB boosts pandemic asset purchase program, holds rates
The European Central Bank keeps its key interest rates unchanged and increases its pandemic emergency purchase program by €500B to  €1.85B.It also extends the horizon for net purchases under the PEPP
Seekingalpha · 12/10/2020 12:54
ECB set to expand massive stimulus program to tackle pandemic
Fresh Brexit talks aren't the only thing happening in Europe. It's a big day for the continent as a whole in terms of economics.The ECB is poised to deliver another
Seekingalpha · 12/10/2020 09:47
Brussels warns Poland and Hungary on EU budget
Hungary and Poland have been blocking the EU's seven-year budget and its post-crisis recovery for weeks, stopping nearly €2T from reaching member states, but the bloc may soon be moving
Seekingalpha · 12/04/2020 08:56
ECB Signals Bank Dividend Ban Could Be Cautiously Lifted in 2021
European Central Bank policy makers are getting behind the idea of cautiously removing the ban on dividend payments by banks next year.
Bloomberg · 11/27/2020 08:20
Invasion of the ANT ETFs
Bloomberg · 11/26/2020 09:00
Eurozone GDP growth revised to 2.1% as Covid 19 cases rise
With risk of resurgent coronavirus cases in Europe, Reuters poll suggest Q4 GDP growth for eurozone expected to rise by 2.1%.This is lower compared to 2.5% from September poll.Q1 growth is expected to
Seekingalpha · 10/23/2020 20:08
Greenback Stabilizes
The dollar is consolidating yesterday's losses.Equities are lower, and benchmark yields are little changed.The S&P 500 is trading a little lower following yesterday's 0.2% decline.Gold rose almost 1% yesterday, the most in a couple of weeks, on the back of the weaker dollar.WTI for December delivery slumped 4% yesterday and slipped below the $40-mark and straddled today.
Seekingalpha · 10/22/2020 11:32
EUR/AUD Is Set To Move Higher As Inflation And Interest Rate Differentials Favor Strength
EUR/AUD moved significantly higher in February and March 2020, on the back of largely mechanical moves, as capital was repatriated.More recently, the pair has been trading between circa 1.60 and 1.66, although most recently EUR appears to be breaking out versus AUD.While the real yield for EUR/AUD has technically worsened this year, I believe longer-term forces will favor lower EUR inflation and higher AUD inflation.Meanwhile, rates are likely to remain constant, although higher AUD inflation could even beget higher interest rates in Australia.As sentiment seems to have shifted this year in favor of the EUR, it appears that there is potential for a self-reinforcing move higher.
Seekingalpha · 10/22/2020 03:59
Giant Fund at Heart of Oil Storm Sees Biggest Exodus Since 2016
Bloomberg · 10/21/2020 15:39
FX Weekly: No Liquidity, No Fundamentals
The USD has not responded to the rise in VIX in recent days, which has intrigued a lot of traders who have been buying the greenback as a hedge.The US dollar has been negatively correlated to equities in the past 2 years (especially in 2020); hence, lower equities should coincide with a rising dollar.We do remain bearish on the British pound as we still think that it is the most vulnerable currency in the current environment.
Seekingalpha · 10/21/2020 14:51
Stock Pickers Are Getting an Edge Over Passive by Short Selling
Bloomberg · 10/21/2020 12:07
Dollar Slumps As Yields Rise
The dollar is falling against most of the world's currencies today.Sterling and the Norwegian krone are leading the majors higher.The Chinese yuan extended its gains and is now at the best level since July 2018.In Asia, most of the large markets gained, but China, India, and a handful of smaller bourses were sold.Europe's Dow Jones Stoxx 600 is off for the third day and the sixth session in the past seven.
Seekingalpha · 10/21/2020 12:02
How Are European Markets Doing Today?
Wall Street advanced on Tuesday as the coronavirus stimulus deal got closer. U.S. futures are higher in Wednesday's early trade, with the Dow gaining 0.11% and the S&P 500 futures inching higher by 0.12% at publication time.
Benzinga · 10/21/2020 08:49
EUR/CAD: Fundamentals And Sentiment Appear To Support Further Upside
EUR/CAD continues to trade at levels that are materially above the pair's opening price of circa 1.45.New joint debt issuance in the EU appears to show promise as a recent (albeit small) issuance was massively over-subscribed.With greater fiscal harmonization and the prospect of a much larger and long-term EU debt market, EUR is starting to become more attractive.Changes in energy prices this year have also benefited EUR at the expense of CAD. The real yield for EUR/CAD has also improved.While EUR/CAD might not rise with vigor, the medium- to long-term picture appears constructive (from 2021 through 2022).
Seekingalpha · 10/21/2020 06:22
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