Weekly Commentary: Trouble Brewing In Financial Asset Wonderland
Doug Noland: The Fed's misguided dovish pivot unleashed precariously loose market conditions. He says the market is in the midst of a bubble. He argues that Bubbles can inflate to unimaginable extremes - and then quadruple. Noland says the late-cycle fear of Bubbles is missing out on the reality.
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Global Market Perspectives Q2 2024: What's Not To Like?
Home Market Outlook Today's Market Perspectives Q2 2024: What's Not To Like? U.S. Economy continues to grow, overshadowing other major global economies of 2023. With most other global economies still struggling, the U.s. Will remain the strongest global performer.
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Where We Stand
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ECB's Press Conference Signals Its First Cut Will Be Hawkish
ING: ECB's Press Conference Signals Its First Cut Will be Hawkish. European Central Bank has kept all policy interest rates unchanged. Inflationary pressures have decreased. The ECB's assessment of the eurozone economy has not changed since the March meeting. First cut will be a hawkish move, says ING.
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Dollar Consolidates But Adjustment Is Not Over
Higher than expected US CPI for the third consecutive month drove US interest rates sharply higher and lifted the greenback broadly. The market appears to be catching its breath today, but the shallow consolidation suggests the moves are not over. The dollar has reached nearly JPY153.30. Gold fell by about $18.75 an ounce yesterday, its largest loss in about a month.
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When Will Central Banks Cut Interest Rates?
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U.S. CPI, New Security Initiatives With Tokyo And Manila, Bank Of Canada Meeting
The dollar has been confined to narrow ranges ahead of the US CPI report. The Reserve Bank of New Zealand signaled that it was in no hurry to cut rates. The New Zealand dollar is leading the G10 currencies higher. The Hang Seng and the mainland companies in Asia are leading the region. Gold is consolidating in about $2345-$2360.
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Rates Spark: Limited Potential For Higher Bund Yields
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Broaden Your Investment Horizons
It may be time to look beyond the U.S. For equity market performance. Looser monetary and fiscal policy could add momentum to what already appears to be a global cyclical recovery. Europe could cut its interest rates sooner than the United States. Europe's manufacturing activity could get a boost from stimulus.
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Weekly Report: what happened at EUDG last week (0401-0405)?
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Global Equity Valuations: Pockets Of Opportunity
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Global Macro Outlook: Second Quarter 2024
Home Market Outlook Economy Analysis Global Macro Outlook: Second Quarter 2024. The global economic picture did not change significantly in the first quarter of 2024. We continue to believe a soft landing is the most likely outcome for major economies. The US economy continues to outperform, with growth above potential.
Seeking Alpha · 04/05 17:15
Global PMI Selling Price Inflation Accelerates To 10-Month High
Global PMI Selling Price Inflation Accelerates To 10-Month High. Average prices charged for goods and services rose globally at the fastest rate for ten months in March. The steepest rates of selling price inflation were recorded in the UK and the US. The main area of stubborn price pressure remains the service sector.
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Rate Adjustment Underpins Greenback
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Weekly Report: what happened at EUDG last week (0325-0329)?
Weekly Report · 04/01 11:32
April 2024 Monthly
Seeking Alpha · 03/30 13:30
Waller Pushes On Open Door: Push For Patience Lifts The Dollar, Complicating Japanese Efforts
Comments by Fed Governor Waller, urging patience on rates has helped the greenback extend its recent gains. Poor German data has weighed on the euro, taking the single currency to new lows for the month. Japanese officials are signaling their willingness to intervene in the foreign exchange market to strengthen the yen. The 10-year US Treasury yield is up three basis points.
Seeking Alpha · 03/28 11:44
Heightened Threat Of Japanese Intervention Pushes Greenback Away From JPY152
The dollar neared JPY152, setting a new 34-year high. Most of the G10 currencies are softer against the dollar but the yen. Chinese equities got thumped today, with the CSI 300 off nearly 1.2%. Gold is firm, recording a higher low for the third consecutive session as remains near $2200.
Seeking Alpha · 03/27 11:25
WisdomTree Europe Quality Dividend Growth Fund declares quarterly distribution of $0.0900
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2024 Global Market Outlook - Q2 Update: Pent-Up Exuberance
Home Market Outlook Today's Market 2024 Global Market Outlook - Q2 Update: Pent-Up Exuberance. The U.S. Economy is expected to avoid a recession in 2024, but economic uncertainty remains high. The labor market is slowing down and lower-income households are under stress.
Seeking Alpha · 03/26 18:15
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