Invesco 100 Equal Weight ETF declares quarterly distribution of $0.3049
Invesco 100 Equal Weight ETF (EQWL) - $0.3049.30-Day SEC Yield of 1.76% as of June 18.Payable Jun 30; for shareholders of record Jun 22; ex-div Jun 21.
Seekingalpha · 5h ago
Capitalizing On Market Uncertainties
What the VIX futures are telling us.What the market is telling us about election expectations.Using options to take advantage of market uncertainties.
Seekingalpha · 10/23/2020 06:26
Weekly Commentary: Moral Hazard Pinnacle
European bond prices have an unmistakable correlation to European COVID infections.The strategy of ensuring the banking system remains well capitalized - while letting market-based finance run wild - may have plausible theoretical underpinnings.The "penalty rate" issue is key to mitigating moral hazard.
Seekingalpha · 10/18/2020 13:25
Weighing The Week Ahead: Will Strong Earnings Signal An Economic Rebound?
There are continuing political and pandemic stories that could dominate the news cycle at any time.Many of the normal economic indicators are not helpful in the wake of the COVID lockdown decline.Retail sales improved 1.9% in September, beating expectations of a 0.6% gain and August’s 0.6% increase.Initial jobless claims increased to 898K versus expectations of 830K and the prior week’s 845K.Technical measures are reasonably strong. Trends remain intact and support levels have generally not been violated.
Seekingalpha · 10/18/2020 11:00
Business Cycle Indicators: 16 October
With the release of industrial production figures today, the deceleration in economic activity continues, according to some key indicators noted by the NBER's Business Cycle Dating Committee.Industrial production fell -0.6% m/m vs. Bloomberg consensus of +0.5%.The series was revised upward in August, so the level of industrial production was still higher than the earlier estimate for August.
Seekingalpha · 10/17/2020 20:06
Tactical Update: Uncertainty Abounds
This seems an opportune time to review the difference between strategy and tactics.The US dollar remains in a short-term downtrend; however, the rate of change has stalled over the last two months.Growth continues to outperform, but the tide may be turning.A weak dollar environment should, theoretically, favor international over US stocks.Small company stocks are one of the few areas where we see some of the recent extreme being corrected.
Seekingalpha · 10/14/2020 13:20
Peter Schiff: The Best Of Times During The Worst Of Times
While most people generally understand that the stock market and the economy do not move in lockstep, there is still an underlying belief that a strong market reflects a strong economy.With the Fed now delivering more stimulus than ever, and promising to keep interest rates at zero for as far as the eye can see, many attribute the surprising rally to a "never fight the Fed" bias, which has banished investor fears through the assumption that the Fed will vanquish every dip with even more stimulus.As the "Main Street" economy continues to languish, the Fed will continue the funding available for large businesses to borrow cheaply even while the pain for small businesses persists.Dollar weakness in recent months have many in the mainstream finally convinced that a reckoning is at hand. Buckle up.
Seekingalpha · 10/14/2020 11:39
U.K.: A Case Study In Virus Dynamics
We focus on the UK to illustrate the dynamics of the three signposts we use in evaluating the virus shock: restart, policy revolution and economic scarring.Talks around a pre-election U.S. fiscal package continued in fits and starts - though the path to enactment of any deal appears very narrow.The International Monetary Fund may increase its global growth forecasts this week, from more bearish earlier predictions.
Seekingalpha · 10/13/2020 11:52
"Meet The Nasdaq"
With a gain of over 3% today, the Nasdaq is doing what it always does on Mondays – rally!Year to date, the Nasdaq is up an impressive 32.7%, putting it on pace for the first back-to-back annual gain of over 30% since 1998 and 1999.Even crazier, though, is the fact that the Nasdaq is up over 20% year-to-date on Mondays alone!
Seekingalpha · 10/13/2020 06:37
S&P 500 Bounces Around With Prospects For More Fiscal Stimulus
The S&P 500 closed the trading week ending Friday, 9 October 2020 at 3,477.13. That falls within three percent of its 3 September 2020 all-time record high close of 3,580.84.The index rose, fell, and rose again with the prospects for another round of fiscal coronavirus stimulus coming from the U.S. government during the week.As a general rule, political events may contribute noise to the markets, but until major changes in tax rates become an immediate concern affecting investor expectations for the future, they won't contribute more than day-to-day noise to the S&P 500.
Seekingalpha · 10/12/2020 21:12
Smooth Ride
The summer for the market is usually a quiet time with little returns to show for it, but this year was different.Given the charge by the bulls in the slow summer period, we would expect the winter period to be ruled by the bulls as well.3,000 on the S&P 500, if reached, will act as strong support.
Seekingalpha · 10/12/2020 18:04
Was The Bar Set Too High Heading Into Q3 2020 Earnings Season?
Investors eagerly await the unofficial kickoff to 2020's third-quarter earnings season during the week of October 12.With the U.S. presidential election looming and an index that has rebounded 8.34% to 3,477.13 as of the October 9 close, the stakes are high heading into the 2020 Q3 earnings season.Adding to the pressure is a high bar set by multiple new records within the S&P 500's second-quarter earnings; however, several measures indicate that 2020 Q3's earnings estimates are still too low.
Seekingalpha · 10/12/2020 14:30
Market Regains Footing On Hopes Of More Stimulus
The inherent problem of tying your Presidency to the stock market is that it's all fine until it isn't.The market rallied on what is for now "hope" of more stimulus. There is still no deal on Capitol Hill, and the parties are still far apart primarily on funding for states and municipalities.Both candidates have the wrong policy prescription for fixing what ails the economy. However, this is "the trap."
Seekingalpha · 10/11/2020 15:35
Weekly Commentary: Weird
At least for now, for the markets it's weirder the better.With Biden's lead appearing increasingly insurmountable (with less than four weeks to go), we can assume there was this week significant buying associated with the partial reversal of market hedges.Chairman Powell made his contribution to Weird Week.
Seekingalpha · 10/11/2020 14:28
U.S. Services Sector Employment Expands For First Time In COVID-19 Era
Positive economic data from Europe and the U.S.Powell calls for more U.S. fiscal stimulus.Strong week for small cap U.S. cyclical stocks.
Seekingalpha · 10/10/2020 19:11
MacroView: More Stimulus And The 2nd Derivative Effect
There is currently much hope for another fiscal stimulus package to be delivered to the economy from Congress.While most hope more stimulus will cure the economy's ills, it will likely disappoint due to the "2nd derivative effect."At some point, you have to realize that you can't get out of a "debt hole" by piling on more debt. Eventually, you have to stop digging.
Seekingalpha · 10/10/2020 18:53
Financial Sector's Expected 2020 And 2021 EPS And Revenue Growth
The expected 2020 EPS growth rate for the Financial sector improved from -36% to -32% by the end of July '20 but has remained stagnant since.2021's expected revenue growth was greater than the 2020 percentage decline until April 10th, and then, 2020's expected percentage decline eclipsed 2021's expected revenue growth, and the difference has grown since.Banks have an excess of capital today, pending the addition to credit losses expected in the Q3 earnings releases, but at some point, the Fed will likely allow the return of capital once again via share buybacks. The big question is, when will that happen and what will be the impact on EPS?
Seekingalpha · 10/08/2020 03:19
October Is Make Or Break For The Economic Recovery
This is a weekly series focused on analyzing the previous week’s economic data releases.The objective is to concentrate on leading indicators of economic activity to determine whether the economy is strengthening or weakening and the rate of inflation is increasing or decreasing.This week, I will examine consumer confidence, pending home sales, personal income and spending, weekly unemployment claims and the jobs report for September.
Seekingalpha · 10/07/2020 10:10
What's Been Driving U.S. Equity Outperformance?
Despite falling more steeply in the March downdraft, US equities have handily outperformed international stocks this year.The US has gained much of its edge since June, when the rally elsewhere began losing steam.Since the beginning of 2019, the Russell 1000 has amassed a nearly threefold lead over the FTSE All-World ex US.
Seekingalpha · 10/07/2020 05:39
Growing Worries Over Rising Interest Rates
Some earnings and revenue growth data was going to be added on the Financial sector, but given the drop in the 10-year Treasury this morning, with the 10-year Treasury yield now at 74 bps, a post dedicated to worries about rising interest rates made more sense.A steepening yield curve would no doubt help the Financial sector, but I think the 10-year Treasury yield would need to rise over 90 bps to start to make bond investors nervous.The bond vigilantes haven't gone away, they've just been punched in the teeth repeatedly the last two decades.
Seekingalpha · 10/06/2020 11:57
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