Top 4 Leveraged ETF Areas of Last Week · 06/07 12:00
GUSH, DRIP, BRZU and NRGU among weekly ETF movers
Gainers: Microsectors U.S. Big Oil Index 3X ETN (NRGU) +21.8%.Brazil Bull 2X Direxion (BRZU) +18.5%.Ultra MSCI Brazil Proshares (UBR) +18.5%.S&P Oil & Gas Expl Bull 2X Direxion (GUSH) +17.0%.Latin America Bull 2X Direxion (LBJ) +15.1%.Losers: Microsectors
Seekingalpha · 06/05 02:47
Brazil's currency, stocks steady as jobs data offsets government chaos
Brazil's currently stabilized after six straight sessions of losses against the dollar, even as President Bolsonaro's government was rocked by the resignation of the heads of the country's army, navy
Seekingalpha · 03/30 22:26
Inflation Fears Fuel 24 Weeks of Inflows to $4 Billion Loan ETF
Bloomberg · 03/16 16:13
Cathie Wood Fuels LendingClub Rally by Increasing ETF’s Stake
Cathie Wood is giving more fuel to the rally in LendingClub Corp.’s shares.
Bloomberg · 03/16 15:43
Where to Invest Your $1,400 Stimulus Check
Bloomberg · 03/16 14:58
Five Months After First SPAC ETF, the De-SPAC Funds Are Coming
Bloomberg · 03/16 14:57
ARKK Copycat Is Beating Cathie Wood’s Original by 10-Fold
A tiny ETF tracking innovative companies is quietly outpacing one of the most famous investments on Wall Street.
Bloomberg · 03/16 14:00
Wall Street Steps Up Crypto ETF Push With SEC Verdict Unknowable
Issuers across the $5.9 trillion U.S. ETF industry are racing to win approval for the first Bitcoin fund, with one big hurdle standing before them: A regulator whose position right now is anyone’s guess.
Bloomberg · 03/16 12:01
A $15 Billion Treasury ETF Drops 20% From Peak as Yields Spike
By one measure, the decade-long bull market in bonds is over.
Bloomberg · 03/12 15:59
Everything Hot Is ‘Unwinding’ in $21 Billion of Clean-Power ETFs
Bloomberg · 03/12 14:19
KKR’s Sheldon Sees Room for High-Yield ‘Tantrum’ as Fed Exits
All it took for the Federal Reserve to stabilize the collapsing high-yield bond market was its pledge 11 months ago to buy exchange-traded funds. Now it must decide how to withdraw that support, and doing so could be much trickier.
Bloomberg · 03/11 22:35
Three Junk-Bond ETFs Lure $2 Billion Inflows in a Single Day
High-yield bonds are having a moment, and so are the exchange-traded funds tracking them, as investors assess prospects for a brighter economic outlook and higher interest rates.
Bloomberg · 03/11 15:32
Harley Bassman Wants to Prove History Wrong With a New CDS Fund
Making cash in the world of credit insurance typically involves a special license and strategies that cost millions of dollars to run. Rates expert Harley Bassman wants to do it in a low-cost exchange-traded fund.
Bloomberg · 03/11 13:55
Cathie Wood’s Magic Touch Lives On as Ark Stake Boosts Roblox
A rough period of performance for Cathie Wood hasn’t diminished her ability to supercharge a stock’s fortunes, if Roblox Corp. is anything to go by.
Bloomberg · 03/11 11:43
BlackRock Says Gold ‘Failing’ as Equity Hedge, Faces Risks
Global money manager BlackRock Inc. just delivered a double-barreled warning on the merits of holding traditional haven gold right now.
Bloomberg · 03/11 07:34
BOJ to Signal ETF Flexibility, Tweak YCC at Review, Survey Shows
Bloomberg · 03/11 00:50
LABU, YINN, BRZU and YANG among weekly ETF movers
Gainers: FTSE China Bear 3X Direxion (YANG) +28.6%.Ultrashort MSCI Brazil Proshares (BZQ) +22.5%.S&P Biotech Bear 3X Direxion (LABD) +21.6%.Emrg Mkts Bear 3X Direxion (EDZ) +21.6%.Microsectors Fang+ -3X ETN (FNGD) +19.3%.Losers: FTSE China Bull 3X Direxion...
Seekingalpha · 02/27 03:11
Petrobras management to stay until end of term in March, CEO says
Petrobras ([[PBR]] -3%) CEO Roberto Castello Branco says he and the rest of the company's executive management will stay on until his mandate ends next month to ensure a smooth
Seekingalpha · 02/25 16:57
Investors flee Brazil, Petrobras as Bolsonaro sparks crisis of confidence
Petrobras ([[PBR]] -21.0%) lost a fifth of its market value today after Brazil's President Bolsonaro named an army general to take over the oil giant in an apparent bid to
Seekingalpha · 02/22 23:26
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