Weekly Report: what happened at UTF last week (0212-0216)?
Weekly Report · 1d ago
UTF Yields Over 8% With Tailwinds On The Horizon From The Infrastructure Bill
Investing in infrastructure in 2024 is an opportunity for the Cohen & Steers Infrastructure Fund. The fund will benefit from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and a lower rate environment. The act will be a multi-year tailwind for companies within the fund. The bill includes $550 billion in funding for America's infrastructure. The Nasdaq has been off to a strong start in 2024 with a 4.48% appreciation.
Seeking Alpha · 4d ago
The $18 Trillion Tailwind For 9%-Yielding UTF And Other High Yields
The infrastructure sector has a massive $18 trillion projected tailwind in the coming years. The Cohen & Steers Infrastructure Fund has a 9% current yield and is poised to benefit from this tailwind. Global infrastructure investment needs are forecasted to reach $94 trillion by 2040. High Yield Investor looks at the $18 Trillion Tailwind for the infrastructure sector and other high-yielding infrastructure investments.
Seeking Alpha · 02/13 12:00
Weekly Report: what happened at UTF last week (0205-0209)?
Weekly Report · 02/12 09:05
How To Earn 7% Passive Income With 10 Funds Portfolio
Seeking Alpha · 02/10 14:00
My 9% Income Portfolio-In Search For Happiness
Seeking Alpha · 02/09 14:13
Weekly Report: what happened at UTF last week (0129-0202)?
Weekly Report · 02/05 09:05
A 6%-Yielding Dividend Growth Portfolio For Passive Income
Seeking Alpha · 02/04 23:00
Weekly Report: what happened at UTF last week (0122-0126)?
Weekly Report · 01/29 09:05
A 9%-Yielding Portfolio With Low-Risk Dividends For Sustainable Passive Income
Passive income investing could help supercharge your retirement. A $100,000 annual passive income stream should be able to set up most people for a comfortable retirement. The 4% Rule requires amassing a $2.5 million nest egg. This article shows how to generate $1.1 million in passive income with less than half that amount.
Seeking Alpha · 01/26 21:08
The 8% Income Portfolio: 2023 Year-End Review
The 8% Income Portfolio: 2023 year-end review of our 8% income portfolio. The tech stocks and the "Magnificent Seven" performed extremely well in the year 2023. The portfolio earned over $29,000 in distributions amounting to over 14% yield-on-cost basis and roughly 8.6% on average portfolio value. This portfolio was launched in October 2014.
Seeking Alpha · 01/26 14:00
Toss the Spreadsheet! Here's How to Manage Your Dividends Like a Boss
NASDAQ · 01/23 14:30
Buy 'Idiot-Proof' Businesses: 2 Big Yields To Collect In Your Retirement
Two picks from asset-heavy industries that provide critical services to the population with terrific pricing power. Academic grades have experienced the steepest inflation ever in the U.S. Two great picks with 8.8% yields. Buy 'Idiot-Proof' Businesses: 2 Big Yields To Collect In Your Retirement.
Seeking Alpha · 01/23 12:35
Weekly Report: what happened at UTF last week (0115-0119)?
Weekly Report · 01/22 09:06
MCI: Best Of Both Worlds - Solid 8.4% Income And Capital Appreciation
Barings Corporate Investors is a closed-end fund that primarily invests in privately placed, below-investment grade, long-term debt obligations. The fund is a "conditional buy" for new investors; it's a "hold" for existing investors. The MCI CEF has an unparalleled record of performance among bond funds. It is invested 90% in debt obligations and 10% in equity.
Seeking Alpha · 01/21 14:00
Invest $1 Million In These 7 Funds To Live On Dividends Forever
Invest $1 million in these 7 Funds To Live On Dividends Forever. The average annual income for 65–74-year-olds in the United States is $59,000. Living off of dividends provides the comfort of preserving principal while living off generated cash flow. High Yield Investor offers a sample 7 fund portfolio that can help you live on dividends forever.
Seeking Alpha · 01/19 08:00
Cohen & Steers Infrastructure Fund (UTF) Shares Cross Below 200 DMA
NASDAQ · 01/16 22:42
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