3 Best Technology Stocks to Buy, According to Analysts
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The lower the AI exposure, the bigger the problem for Europe's chip firms
The lower the AI exposure, the bigger the problem for Europe's chip firms. Demand for electric vehicles has slowed sharply in Europe. European semiconductor firms less exposed to the booming AI chip market are hit harder by industrial clients cutting orders. Europe's STOXX 600 Technology index was down 2.8%.
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25 Best Artificial Intelligence Stocks to Buy Right Now
Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing industries across the board. These 25 companies span the spectrum, providing investors with a diversified basket of AI-centric equities. Companies like Alphabet, Microsoft, and Nvidia are leading the charge in AI development. The best way to gain exposure to the AI market is to buy a basket of these 25 companies.
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MORNING BID AMERICAS-Growth angst or air pocket? Stocks nurse losses
Wednesday was the worst day for the S&P500 since 2012 and worst day in U.S. Since 2008. Biggest losses in tech stocks and European luxury sector. Japan's yen and Swiss franc surge as investors seek safety in bonds and havens. China's central bank easing bets add to global growth worries.
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Madison International Stock Fund Q2 2024 Investment Strategy Letter
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Got $3,000? 2 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Stocks to Buy and Hold for the Long Term.
Two companies are important to the AI ecosystem. Microsoft has a partnership with ChatGPT's creator, OpenAI. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company's role in the AI industry is important to its long-term sustainability. Microsoft's partnership with OpenAI is helping the company grow its cloud-computing business.
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Taiwan Unveils $100B Economic Reform Plan After Trump Said It Should 'Pay Us For Defense:' Will Fuel Nvidia, TSMC And Apple iPhone Assembler's AI Plans
Taiwan’s Premier Cho Jung-tai has announced a sweeping economic and social reform plan. The reform plan would focus on energy, artificial intelligence, and infrastructure. The government aims to attract investors disillusioned with doing business in China. The plan comes after President Donald Trump said Taiwan should pay for defense.
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TSMC: Buy Status Vs. Rising Geopolitical Risks
TSMC reported strong Q2 2024 results with revenue exceeding our expectations, driven by demand for advanced chips. Revenue structure showed growth in HPC segment and decline in Smartphone segment. The company's production capacity will be fully utilized until the end of 2025. TSMC is struggling to keep up with the influx of demand for 3nm and 5nm chips.
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KLA forecasts fiscal Q1 revenue above estimates after strong quarter
KLA Corp forecasts fiscal Q1 revenue above estimates after strong quarter. Surge in AI applications is driving demand for high-end chips. The chip-making equipment maker's shares up 3% in after-hours trading. KLA's revenue rose 9% to $2.57 billion in the quarter ended June 30.
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Taiwan Semiconductor Stock (NYSE:TSM): Best Growth In Six Quarters Fuels Bull Case
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Why Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chip Stocks Broadcom, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, and Arm Holdings Plunged Today
Shares of artificial intelligence chip names Broadcom, Arm Holdings and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing are falling. Tech giants Alphabet and Tesla reported mixed earnings last night. The companies are the biggest customers for artificial intelligence chips. Tesla and Alphabet are spending heavily on AI, and the companies are expected to continue to.
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5 Things To Know In Investing This Week: The Rate Cut Expectations Are 100% Issue
Strong retail sales stronger than expected. Jobless claims come in high. Rate cut expectations still increased. The Magnificent Seven’s Awful Terrible Week. This week, we’re focused on higher retail sales and possible rate cuts. DKI also addresses critics who say we should just get people to pay more taxes.
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Chip Stocks Nvidia, AMD And Others See More Selloff On Wednesday - What's Going On?
U.S. Chip stocks led by Nvidia Corp and AMD are trading lower on Wednesday. Tesla Inc and Google parent Alphabet Inc’s second-quarter earnings on Tuesday failed to impress the Street. The growing geopolitical tensions between the U.S and China are hurting the semiconductor sector.
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'TSMC to break ground for German fab at year-end, sources say' -DigiTimes Alert
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Could Nvidia Really Reach a $50 Trillion Valuation? One Successful Tech Investor Thinks So.
Ificial intelligence chip leader Nvidia has a market cap of $3 trillion. One investor thinks the company could reach a $50 trillion market cap over the next decade. That's nearly twice the current gross domestic product of the U.S. And three times the GDP of China. Nvidia has soared 532% in the past three years.
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MORNING BID AMERICAS-High earnings bar, Harris polling bump
U.S. And European markets lower on Wednesday as Tesla and LVMH fall after disappointing earnings. European luxury sector falls on flagging Chinese demand and a surprise contraction in euro zone business activity. S&P500 futures down 0.6% ahead of Wednesday's closing bell in the U.S., Asia markets also lower. Bets on Kamala Harris beating Donald Trump in the White House race drop to 55% in latest poll.
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After Donald Trump's Recent Taiwan Statement Sent Shockwaves, Japan's PM Kishida Reveals New Bill To Boost AI And Chipmaking With Domestic Investment
Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan says his government is formulating legislation aimed at augmenting domestic investment in AI and semiconductor production. The proposed bill is designed to bolster research, development and large-scale production of next-generation chips. Japan has been strategizing to triple its domestic semiconductor sales by 2030.
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UPDATE 9-Typhoon Gaemi strengthens as it nears Taiwan, work halted, one dead
Typhoon Gaemi expected to be strongest storm to hit Taiwan in eight years. Financial markets shut, flights cancelled and one person killed by falling tree. More than 4,000 people evacuated from high-risk landslide areas. Taiwan puts 29,000 soldiers on stand-by for relief efforts. Typhoon expected to make landfall on east coast late on Wednesday.
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UPDATE 10-Typhoon Gaemi strengthens as it nears Taiwan, two dead, work halted
Typhoon Gaemi expected to be strongest storm to hit Taiwan in eight years. Financial markets shut, flights cancelled, work and school suspended for second day. More than 8,000 people evacuated from high-risk landslide areas. Taiwan puts 29,000 soldiers on stand-by for relief efforts. Two people killed, 201 injured as typhoon hits east coast of Taiwan.
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MORNING BID ASIA-Big tech in focus, Harris neutralizes Trump's lead in poll
Asian markets subdued ahead of second quarter earnings from Alphabet and Tesla. Japan's Nikkei is off five straight down days. U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris leads Donald Trump in poll for Democratic presidential election. Big tech in focus, with both companies reporting after-hours.
Reuters · 1d ago
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