Zacks Investment Ideas feature highlights: Herbalife and GameStop
NASDAQ · 5h ago
GameStop Corp. Cl A stock outperforms competitors on strong trading day
GameStop Corp. Cl A shares rose 3.87% to $14.21 on Tuesday. The stock closed $13.44 short of its 52-week high. Apple, AT&T and Best Buy also posted gains. The S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average were mixed in mixed trading.
MarketWatch · 22h ago
Shorting: Is the Risk Worth the Reward? (Insights from Market Gurus & the Pitfalls you Need to Avoid)
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Weekly Report: what happened at GME last week (0219-0223)?
Weekly Report · 2d ago
Children's Place: Mithaq Capital's Aggressive Buying Will Lead To Either A Buyout Offer Or A Short Squeeze
Seeking Alpha · 4d ago
Reddit invites users to invest in its IPO, but warns they could increase volatility
Reddit officially filed to go public on the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday. The online forum is offering its most active users a chance to buy shares in its IPO. The firm warns users could increase volatility in the market price of the company's stock. Reddit is the first major social media company to file for an IPO in years.
Seeking Alpha · 5d ago
How Carvana caused a Wall Street whiplash, as the stock rockets to a 2-year high
Carvana Co. Stock is on track to open at the highest price since April 2022. The online seller of used cars reported record gross profit per unit and an upbeat outlook for the year. The company's fourth-quarter results missed expectations, but the stock rose 28% in premarket.
MarketWatch · 5d ago
Reddit IPO Alert: Everything Potential RDDT Stock Investors Need to Know Today
Reddit is planning to go public next month. The company plans to reserve shares for 75,000 of its most prolific users. RDDT stock is expected to be the first major tech IPO of the year. The Reddit IPO comes at a time when investors are losing interest in popular meme stocks.
Investorplace · 5d ago
GameStop Corp. Cl A stock underperforms Thursday when compared to competitors
GameStop Corp. Cl A dropped 0.37% to $13.36 on Thursday. The stock closed $14.29 short of its 52-week high. It was the stock's fourth consecutive day of losses. The S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average had a positive day.
MarketWatch · 5d ago
13 Best Short Squeeze Stocks To Buy Now
Short selling is one of the most controversial aspects of the stock market. Short sellers benefit when the shares of a company drop in value. The biggest short squeeze in history was the Volkswagen short squeeze. The 13 best short squeeze stocks to buy now are some of the greatest short squeezes in history.
Forward News · 6d ago
GameStop Corp. Cl A stock underperforms Wednesday when compared to competitors
GameStop Corp. Cl A shares slid 0.59% to $13.41 on Wednesday. The stock closed $14.24 below its 52-week high. It was the stock's third consecutive day of losses. Apple, AT&T and Best Buy all rose Wednesday.
MarketWatch · 6d ago
Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Pepe, Or GME Coin: Benzinga's Followers Weigh In On Their Meme Coin Fave - And The Winner Is...
Benzinga polled its social media audience to identify the most popular meme coins in the current market. The newest meme coin, GME Coin, won the poll with a majority of the votes. Dogecoin and Shiba Inu came in second and third. Solana came in last in the poll.
Benzinga · 02/21 16:15
SPDR S&P 500 ETF And Invesco QQQ Trust: Almost All Investors Are Crowded Into The Same Side Of The Boat
Passive funds account for over 50% of all assets and 60% of domestic equity funds, leading to market euphoria. The Invesco QQQ Trust and the SPDR S&P 500 ETF are significantly underperforming energy and material investments since the March 23rd, 2020, pandemic low. The combination of passive flows, volatility suppression trades, gamma call squeezes, and futures positioning is fueling the market melt-up.
Seeking Alpha · 02/21 11:40
GameStop Corp. Cl A stock underperforms Tuesday when compared to competitors
GameStop Corp. Cl A shares fell 4.46% to $13.49 on Tuesday. The stock closed $14.16 below its 52-week high. It was the second consecutive day of losses for the stock. The S&P 500 index fell 0.60% Tuesday.
MarketWatch · 02/20 21:33
Weekly Report: what happened at GME last week (0212-0216)?
Weekly Report · 02/19 09:00
Asset Class And Stock Performance Since 10/27/23
Since October 27th, the S&P 500 ETF is up 22.8%. Since 10/27/23, the Russell 1,000 is up 20% in percentage. The 20 worst-performing names in our table are mining and natural gas. The S&p 500 is now up more than 20% since October 27. We show the performance of various asset classes and stocks since the bull market began.
Seeking Alpha · 02/17 06:00
GameStop Corp. Cl A stock underperforms Friday when compared to competitors
GameStop Corp. Cl A GME, -2.69% shares fell 2.69%. The stock's fall snapped a two-day winning streak. The stock closed $13.53 below its 52-week high. Apple and AT&T also underperformed.
MarketWatch · 02/16 21:32
Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) Loses Ground as Activision Gets Sued
TipRanks · 02/16 20:34
Gator Capital - Robinhood Markets: Small Business With Plenty Of Room To Grow
Seeking Alpha · 02/16 09:25
Gator Capital Management Q4 2023 Investor Letter
Seeking Alpha · 02/16 09:10
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About GME
GameStop Corp. is focused on offering games, entertainment products and technology through its stores and e-commerce platforms. It operates through four geographic segments: United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe. It offers a range of products in various categories, which include hardware and accessories, software, and collectibles. It offers new and pre-owned gaming platforms from the various console and personal computer (PC) manufacturers, which include the Sony PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox Series X, and the Nintendo Switch. Its accessories consist of controllers, gaming headsets, virtual reality products and memory cards. It also sells a variety of in-game digital currency, digital downloadable content (DLC) and full-game downloads. Its Collectibles consist of apparel, toys, trading cards, gadgets, and other retail products and its digital asset wallet and NFT marketplace activities. Its stores and ecommerce sites operate under the names GameStop, EB Games, and Micromania.