Weekly Report: what happened at VNQI last week (0520-0524)?
Weekly Report · 3d ago
Office Space: Looking Past The Doom And Gloom
Remote work arrangements have lifted office vacancy rates while high borrowing costs are depressing property prices. US office space, with some regional variations, appears to be facing a similar 'adapt or die' situation. There are too few recently built, environmentally friendly buildings near transit and with amenities that lure employees back to the office.
Seeking Alpha · 5d ago
Commodities' Performance Lead Widens Over Markets In 2024
Last week’s strong rally in commodities expanded the performance lead for the asset class over the rest of global markets. The big losers so far this year continue to be government bonds and US real estate investment trusts. Several bullish trends have helped drive key commodities prices higher. WisdomTree Enhanced Commodity Strategy Fund is up four percentage points over year-to-date.
Seeking Alpha · 05/20 19:35
Weekly Report: what happened at VNQI last week (0513-0517)?
Weekly Report · 05/20 12:10
REITs cut capital raising activities by more than half in April, says report
Seeking Alpha · 05/15 19:29
Commodities And Stocks Are Driving Investment Returns In 2024
April was a rough month for global markets, but commodities and stocks are still the performance leaders for the major asset classes this year. The top performer this year: commodities via a return. Losses in 2024 remain concentrated in bonds and real estate securities. The overall trend for globally diversified portfolios is still comfortably positive.
Seeking Alpha · 05/13 18:06
Weekly Report: what happened at VNQI last week (0506-0510)?
Weekly Report · 05/13 12:28
Noteworthy ETF Outflows: VNQI
NASDAQ · 05/10 14:48
19 REITs estimated to increase dividend in Q2, says report
19 REITs are estimated to increase dividend in Q2, says report. The largest hike comes from Medalist Diversified REIT (MDRR), says S&P Global Market Intelligence. Summit Hotel Properties (INN) is the second in the list.
Seeking Alpha · 05/08 19:13
Weekly Report: what happened at VNQI last week (0429-0503)?
Weekly Report · 05/06 12:39
Total Return Forecasts: Major Asset Classes - May 2, 2024
The long-term return forecast for the Global Market Index edged higher for a third straight month in April. US stocks are still the outlier for expected return among the various asset classes. The average forecast for American equities is well below the trailing 10-year performance.
Seeking Alpha · 05/03 13:06
REITs close April at larger discounts to NAV per share estimates
Seeking Alpha · 05/02 18:59
Major Asset Classes: April 2024 Performance Review
Most of the major asset classes retreated in April. The overall losses mark the worst month for global markets so far in 2024. US real estate investment trusts suffered the deepest loss in April, tumbling 7.9%. On a year-to-date basis, most of theMajor asset classes are posting losses.
Seeking Alpha · 05/02 17:26
Weekly Report: what happened at VNQI last week (0422-0426)?
Weekly Report · 04/29 12:48
Vanguard Global ex-U.S. Real Estate Breaks Above 200-Day Moving Average - Bullish for VNQI
NASDAQ · 04/26 16:50
First Week of June 21st Options Trading For Vanguard International Equity Index Funds- Global Ex-US Real Estate Index Fund ETF Shares (VNQI)
NASDAQ · 04/26 14:58
Desperately Seeking Yield: April 24, 2024
The average 12-month trailing yield for the major asset classes has ticked up so far this year. The highest-yielding risk asset is the US junk bond ETF, which generated a 6.44% yield over the past year. Relative to Treasury yields, government bonds continue to offer higher payouts.
Seeking Alpha · 04/26 07:15
Will Commodities Continue To Outperform In 2024?
Most of the major asset classes are in the red so far this year. A widely followed marker in the commodities rally is this year’s rise in gold. The second-best performer in 2024 is the fast-deflating US stock market. James Picerno says commodities are the upside outlier by a wide margin.
Seeking Alpha · 04/23 12:40
Weekly Report: what happened at VNQI last week (0415-0419)?
Weekly Report · 04/22 12:30
Home Sales Clobbered By Mortgage Rates. New Listings And Active Listings Surge. Most Price Reductions For Any March In Years
Seeking Alpha · 04/19 14:45
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