FOMC Holds Rates, Revises Forward Guidance
Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) voted to hold its federal funds rate target in the 5.25-5.5 percent range on Tuesday. FOMC members also revised their forward guidance for the future path of interest rates. Fed members believe the long-run neutral real rate of interest is higher than previously thought.
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Prices Stable In May: Time To Cut Rates?
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Federal Reserve Keeps Policy Unchanged, Signals Just One Rate Cut Before Year-End
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Fed Watch: At The Midway Point
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May CPI Report: A September Cut Is Back On The Table
May's CPI report came in softer than expected. Both headline and core inflation came in below consensus estimates. Headline CPI inflation eased from 0.3% in April to 0.0% in May. A September rate cut remains in the picture for the Fed. Core services prices rose just 0.2% month-on-month.
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AIER's Everyday Price Index Unchanged In May 2024
Home Market Outlook Economy Analysis AIER's Everyday Price Index Unchanged In May 2024. The largest monthly price increases were seen in food away from home, prescription drugs, and tobacco/smoking products. On June 12, 2024, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics released Consumer Price Index (CPI) data for May 2024 and the AIER Everyday Price index was essentially unchanged.
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Chart Of The Week: The Great Rate Debate
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Inflation Relief Boosts Case For U.S. Rate Cuts
U.S. CPI finally tracking for 2%, but more good news is needed for rate cuts. A surprise 0.2% MoM core CPI inflation print in May is good news for the Fed. The Fed is expected to cut rates in September. Inflation relief is a relief after a string of high readings.
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The Prices Don't Feel Right: Unraveling The Inflation Perception
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U.S. Probability Of Recession In Next 12 Months Hovers Near 70%
U.S. Probability Of Recession In Next 12 months Hovers Near 70%. The spread between 10-year and 3-month Treasury yields has been rising in recent weeks. The recession forecast model has recorded a double-top pattern and has been hovering around the 70% mark.
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Overseas Rate Cuts Could Help Lower U.S. Yields This Summer
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What We're Watching In 2024 Elections
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Resilient U.S. Labor Market Blurs Outlook For Rate Cuts
Nonfarm payrolls rose 272,000 in May, rebounding sharply from April’s gain. The May jobs report flipped the script with news of stronger-than-expected hiring. The Fed funds futures market is pricing in modest odds that the first rate cut will now arrive at the November 7 FOMC meeting. The news complicates the outlook for the Federal Reserve policy announcement on Wednesday.
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Weekly Market Pulse: Is The Economy Weaker Than It Appears?
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Weekly Report: what happened at SHV last week (0603-0607)?
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Rates: Here's Why There Are Upside Risks Despite Cuts
ING: In the eurozone and the US, inflation easing lower is not enough to justify lower yields. The European Central Bank has delivered a rate cut, and by definition has peaked for this cycle. The ECB cuts are constrained by a Fed that remains on hold and low real bond yields in the eurozone.
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ECB, Alone
ECB lowered its benchmark deposit rate by 0.25 percent to 3.75 percent, its first rate cut in five years. The European Central Bank made the first decisive move in the transition away from monetary tightening. Recent strength in the Eurozone economy suggests the lack of a pressing need to cut rates aggressively.
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ECB Vs. Fed Policy: Divergent, But Not For Too Long
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May Jobs Report: One Step Forward, 2 Steps Back
Payroll gains were hotter than expected in May, slamming the door shut on any hopes of a July policy rate cut. 272,000 non-farm payroll jobs were added last month, beating consensus forecasts of 180,000. Job gains were quite strong across many industries. The unemployment rate ticked up to 4.0% for the first time since January 2022.
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Mission Accomplished?
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