Weekly Report: what happened at IVDA last week (0415-0419)?
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Weekly Report: what happened at IVDA last week (0408-0412)?
Weekly Report · 04/15 11:21
Apple Spyware Warning: What to Know About ‘Mercenary Spyware Attack’ Alerts
A massive Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) spyware warning has the company alerting iPhone owners in India and 91 other countries to a “mercenary spyware attack.” The latest warning focused on a spyware that was attempting to install itself on their devices. AAPL stock is up slightly despite the spyware news. Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Hub Cyber Security and Iveda Solutions are in the news on Thursday.
Investorplace · 04/11 14:42
Trade of the Day: Iveda Solutions (IVDA) Stock Offers a Hidden-Gem AI Play
Iveda's deep-learning video analytics software could have endless applications. The company's facial recognition tech could be used for campus security and law enforcement. Iveda is a penny stock with a market capitalization of only $12.97 million. Buy IVDA stock in the open market for the trade of the day.
Investorplace · 04/11 12:20
Weekly Report: what happened at IVDA last week (0401-0405)?
Weekly Report · 04/08 11:26
Analysts Offer Insights on Industrial Goods Companies: Iveda Solutions (IVDA) and FlexShopper (FPAY)
TipRanks · 04/05 11:50
Iveda Solutions: Prospectus [Rule 424(b)(3)]
Press release · 04/03 21:41
Discover Tomorrow's Security Today: Solomon and Iveda Illuminate the Path with Machine Learning at ISC West 2024
Iveda to co-host two RSVP-only presentations at ISC West 2024 with core technology partner Solomon. Attendees will learn how AI can be used in any operation to enhance safety, productivity, and more. Iveda will feature its cutting-edge vumastAR solution – a powerful AI vision software. The global machine vision market is projected to reach $16.8 billion by 2030.
Barchart · 04/03 12:13
Weekly Report: what happened at IVDA last week (0325-0329)?
Weekly Report · 04/01 11:23
Iveda Solutions Inc <IVDA.OQ> expected to post a loss of 5 cents a share - Earnings Preview
Iveda Solutions Inc expected to post a loss of 5 cents a share. The company is expected to report a 17.4% increase in quarterly revenue to $2.488 million. The one available analyst rating on the shares is "buy" for the company.
Reuters · 03/29 20:17
12 Information Technology Stocks Moving In Tuesday's After-Market Session
MariaDB (NYSE:MRDB) stock increased by 125.8% to $0.51 during Tuesday's after-market session. The company's, Q4 earnings came out today. Ncino (NASDAQ:NCNO) shares increased by 12.25% to $33.88.
Benzinga · 03/26 21:32
Weekly Report: what happened at IVDA last week (0318-0322)?
Weekly Report · 03/25 11:26
Iveda Expands Partnership With Evergreen Aviation, Transforming The AI-Powered Smart Drone Industry
Military-grade smart drones to be deployed in multiple countries for real-time surveillance and security. Iveda announces expansion of partnership with Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corp. To develop AI-powered smart drones. The potential value of this partnership exceeds $2.5 million to date.
Benzinga · 03/19 12:03
Weekly Report: what happened at IVDA last week (0311-0315)?
Weekly Report · 03/18 11:25
Iveda Launches IvedaAI Cloud Subscription; Industry-First Service Makes AI Video Available To All
Subscription service allows users, from the household to business level, to experience the benefits of AI video search & surveillance. IvedaAI Cloud Subscription has the ability to transform pre-existing cameras into smart cameras. The service is available to anyone with an IP camera.
Benzinga · 03/13 13:05
12 Information Technology Stocks Moving In Monday's Pre-Market Session
Auddia stock increased by 26.1% to $3.87 during Monday's pre-market session. GDS Holdings (NASDAQ:GDS) shares increased by 15.75%. BTC Digital and Kingsoft Cloud Hldgs were among the biggest gainers in the market.
Benzinga · 03/11 13:05
Weekly Report: what happened at IVDA last week (0304-0308)?
Weekly Report · 03/11 11:21
Iveda signs Auzpack as new reseller partner
Iveda signs Auzpack as new reseller partner. The Australian supplier of industrial packaging products and services. Iveda is projecting more than $5M in business throughout 2024 with significant recurring revenue. The company's stock is up 2.5%.
Seeking Alpha · 03/06 14:34
Top 4 Tech Stocks That May Implode This Month
Four stocks in the information technology sector are overbought as of March 4, 2024. The RSI is a momentum indicator that compares a stock's strength on days when prices go up and down. Box, Inc. Is one of four companies in the sector with a RSI value above 70.
Benzinga · 03/04 13:12
Weekly Report: what happened at IVDA last week (0226-0301)?
Weekly Report · 03/04 11:24
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About IVDA
Iveda Solutions, Inc. specializes in artificial intelligence (AI) and digital transformation technologies. The Company offers AI intelligent video search, smart utility, smart sensors, gateways and trackers, and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms. Its technology/products include IvedaAI, IvedaPinpoint, Sentir Video and Cerebro IoT Platform (Cerebro). IvedaAI consists of learning video analytics software running in a computer/server environment that can either be deployed at an edge level or a data center for a centralized cloud model. IvedaPinpoint centrally manages Bluetooth trackers and sensors and displays them on a map for exact location. Sentir Video is the Company’s video surveillance solution for all kinds of applications. Cerebro is a software technology platform that integrates a multitude of disparate systems for central access and management of applications, subsystems and devices throughout an environment. Its technology/products also include IvedaSPS, IvedaCare and Utilus.