Weekly Market Pulse: Is Perception Reality?
Home Market Outlook Economy Analysis Weekly Market Pulse: Is Perception Reality? A recent poll finds 56% believe the US economy is in recession. 58% blame the Biden administration for the current state of the economy. What really matters for investors is the economy itself, not how markets react to it.
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The Market's Window Of Inflation
Fed Trader Chaim Siegel discusses fundamental and technical bullishness in the market. Siegel believes the market's fundamentals are good, with strong earnings and a supportive Fed. He sees the current trend as bullish, but warns that a significant increase in CPI could negatively impact market.
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GDP And PCE Data This Week: Don't Forget About Inflation Expectations
Home Market Outlook Economy Analysis GDP And PCE Data This Week: Don't Forget About Inflation Expectations GDP and PCE data this week: Core CPI and Core PCe data for April ’24. The more telling aspect of inflation is “inflation expectations” The University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Data for May 24, 2024 will be released.
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Bill Gross: Trump win would be more bearish for bond markets
Bill Gross: Donald Trump's win would be more bearish for bond markets than Joe Biden's re-election. The famed bond investor says Biden's administration has been responsible for trillions of dollars of deficit spending. Gross says investors must temper their expectations for the stock market.
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Weekly Report: what happened at IEF last week (0520-0524)?
Weekly Report · 1d ago
Flash PMI Data Signals Steep Acceleration Of U.S. Growth Midway Through Second Quarter
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Above The Noise: Stagflation Fears And Election Years
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S&P 500 Snapshot: See-Saw Week Ends with Minor Gains
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Advanced Durable Goods Shipments April 2024: Mixed Signals
Real advanced durable goods shipments grew by + in April, but growth in core durable goods contracted by Overall, the durable goods data were mixed and did not significantly change the economic outlook. The Census Bureau just published its Monthly Advance Report on Durable Goods Manufacturers' Shipments and Orders. James Kostohryz and Luis Alvarez provide an in-depth analysis of the data.
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Navigating Inflation: The FOMC's Single Mandate
The FOMC is more concerned about the risk of inflation than the state of the labor market. Unemployment remains low and is not a major concern for the Federal Open Market Committee. The focus is on achieving the inflation mandate rather than the employment mandate. Inflation has not materialized and the unemployment rate remains sub-4%.
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Market Trends Continue To Lean Into A Bullish Signal
Home Market Outlook Today's Market Trends continue to lean into a Bullish Signal. The old saw that markets climb a wall of worry is alive and kicking. The US equities market isn't quite as hot as AOA:AOK, but it's close. A potentially worrisome sign for the overall risk appetite is the rebound in inflation-indexed Treasuries vs. Conventional bonds.
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On My Mind: The Twin Roots Of Rising Rates
Sonal Desai says rising investment and persistently loose US fiscal policy are simultaneously pushing in the direction of higher long-term real interest rates. The United States has experienced a persistent loosening of fiscal policy. A new trend toward stronger investment is likely to endure for the next several years.
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Data Dependency = Volatility
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Fed officials remain vague on interest rate timeline, indicating indecision - Citi
Fed officials remain vague on interest rate timeline, indicating indecision - Citi. Inflation still remains top of mind for Wall Street as investors try to forecast when the Federal Reserve will announce a rate cut. Citi on Wednesday said that Fed officials remain “vague” in their talking points.
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Is The Yield Curve Still Relevant? An Economist Clarifies
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The 'Good News' On Inflation
Bonds and stocks rallied last week on the back of two good inflation reports. The dollar surged and inflation expectations fell. Inflation expectations are consistent with expectations prior to and just after the 2008 financial crisis. The 5-year inflation breakevens fell by 2 basis points last week.
Seeking Alpha · 05/21 07:15
Weekly Forecast, May 17, 2024: 2-Year/10-Year Treasury Spread Widens To Negative 0.41%
Seeking Alpha · 05/20 19:46
Staying Dynamic In Our Strategic Views
Home Investing Strategy Portfolio Strategy Staying Dynamic In Our Strategic Views. We go overweight emerging market stocks for the first time since 2020. We see opportunities in Mexico, India and Saudia Arabia. We prefer emerging markets over developed market bonds to inflation-linked bonds.
Seeking Alpha · 05/20 18:15
Weekly Market Pulse: Ch-Ch-Changes
Seeking Alpha · 05/20 14:50
Weekly Report: what happened at IEF last week (0513-0517)?
Weekly Report · 05/20 11:39
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