All-Stars Driving Index And Portfolio Performance
Home Investing Strategy Portfolio Strategy All-Stars Driving Index And Portfolio Performance is up 14.1% this week. The momentum in technology stocks is holding up the markets. A flat monthly CPI number (year-over-year unchanged at 3.3% inflation rate) helped prompt a drop in the 10-year yield. Taking a look at the S&P 500 All- Stars driving the index year-to-date performance.
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S&P 500 Potentially Readies To Alter Course As U.S. Rate Cut Expectations Change
Seeking Alpha · 22h ago
Weekly Report: what happened at FTDS last week (0610-0614)?
Weekly Report · 1d ago
S&P 500 (And Russell 2000) Earnings Look: It's A Quieter Period Between Now And Quarter End
S&P 500 earnings could remain fine as the P/E compresses. First quarter of 2024 will be the nadir in terms of yoy earnings declines for the Russell 2000. Russell 2000 is different from the S&P500 in that it has more individual companies.
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When Will The Boom/Bust Rollercoaster End?
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High-Tech Bubble Valuation? I'm Not So Sure
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Fresh All-Time Highs, Now What?
Seeking Alpha · 06/11 02:15
S&P 500 Rises As Hot Jobs Report Pushes Back Expected Rate Cuts
Seeking Alpha · 06/10 13:06
Weekly Report: what happened at FTDS last week (0603-0607)?
Weekly Report · 06/10 11:16
Similarities And Differences Between The Late 1990s Stock Market(s) And Today
Seeking Alpha · 06/10 10:30
PMI Often Cries Wolf
Seeking Alpha · 06/08 07:20
S&P 500 Earnings: Forward Estimates Continue To Be Revised Higher
Seeking Alpha · 06/07 16:10
CDT Insider Sentiment May 2024: Keep Your Seatbelt Fastened
Seeking Alpha · 06/06 00:20
S&P 500 Q1 2024 Earnings Review: A Good Start To The Year
S&P 500 2024 earnings are off to a strong start with a resilient Q1 earnings season. The Magnificent-7 continues to play a significant role in the index's growth. The forecast for Q2 aggregate earnings is projected to reach $495.7 billion, a new all-time high.
Seeking Alpha · 06/05 11:59
The Reversal Of The Reversal
Seeking Alpha · 06/04 03:50
S&P 500 Earnings: Tech Sector Revisions Still Positive After Salesforce Last Week
Seeking Alpha · 06/03 16:36
Weekly Report: what happened at FTDS last week (0527-0531)?
Weekly Report · 06/03 11:19
Tech Sector Momentum Returns, But Is It Back For The Long Term?
Home Market Outlook Today's Market Tech Sector Momentum Returns, But Is It Back For The long term? Outlook for the tech sector. MoneyTalk’s Greg Bonnell discusses the outlook for the sector and the broader markets with Benjamin Gossack, TD Asset Management.
Seeking Alpha · 05/29 19:30
A Tale Of Two Indices
The S&P 500 is on pace to outperform the Dow by over eight percentage points in the first five months of 2024. The last two years have seen the widest margin of outperformance between the S&p 500 and the Dow. Even after today’s decline, the Dow still sits on a year-to-date gain of over 10%.
Seeking Alpha · 05/29 18:05
Dividends And Earnings Say, The S&P's Current Price Is About Right
Seeking Alpha · 05/28 15:55
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