Weekly Report: what happened at DXJS last week (1120-1124)?
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Japan Flash PMI Eases To 50.0 To Signal Stalling Private Sector Activity In November
Japan's private sector growth ground to a halt in november according to the latest flash pmi data. Flash pmi eases to 50.0 to signal stalling private sector activity in november. Japan's flash pmi data is based on a survey of businesses in the country.
Seeking Alpha · 3d ago
Weekly Report: what happened at DXJS last week (1113-1117)?
Weekly Report · 11/20 11:36
Japan, Still The Outlier After All These Years
The japanese stock market is up nearly 30 percent this year. The nikkei 225 index is a benchmark for japanese equities. Foreign investors have been a big source of the market's upward trend. Japan is the asterisk to the mantra that stocks go up in the long term.
Seeking Alpha · 11/18 07:20
Using Single-Country ETFs As Part Of A Tax-Loss Harvesting Strategy
This year’s pronounced divergence in market performance presents an opportune time for investors to consider tax-loss harvesting strategies with single-country exchange-traded fund allocations. Some markets benefit from positive macro and geopolitical catalysts that favor equities abroad. Investors can shed underperforming investments for losses in taxable accounts.
Seeking Alpha · 11/17 08:00
Japan ETFs Could Extend Gains in 2024
NASDAQ · 11/16 13:00
3 Decades And Nothing To Show For It
A dollar now buys more yen than it has at any point since june 29, 1990. The japanese yen has fallen to a new low. Japan's nikkei 225 has also had a roller coaster move in the last 34 years. But after 34 years, there is nothing to show for it.
Seeking Alpha · 11/13 20:30
Weekly Report: what happened at DXJS last week (1106-1110)?
Weekly Report · 11/13 11:28
Declining PPIs Perpetuate Japan's TINA Trade
Bank of japan is being reactive to an inflation threat that may be in the rearview mirror. Japan's core cpi has tapered down to a not outlandish +2.8% yoy growth rate. Trends in producer price inflation suggest more downside could be coming. The central bank is "promising" to treat 1% as a target rate on 10-year jgbs.
Seeking Alpha · 11/11 01:20
2023 Japan Index Rebalances
In local currencies, the msci japan index returned 21.90%, outpacing the s&p 500 index by more than 11%. Activist investors in japanese equities are pushing companies to return excess cash to shareholders. The tokyo stock exchange pushed listed companies to raise price-to-book ratios.
Seeking Alpha · 11/11 00:35
Japan's Future Remains An Issue Of Debate
The debate over the future of japan continues. Japan is the fourth-largest economy in the world and a major exporter of finished goods. Because of its small footprint, we often forget the oversized role japan plays in the global economy. For many years some investors have considered the yen a safe harbor.
Seeking Alpha · 11/09 00:05
Navigating Global Equity Markets
Global investing is easily accessible through the financial markets. Many investors prefer to stick to companies and industries they are familiar with. Investing in only u.s. Companies may limit an investor's options. The u.s. Comprises just 15.4% of global gdp and 4% of the global population.
Seeking Alpha · 11/08 19:05
Going Granular In DM Stocks
Seeking Alpha · 11/06 19:05
Weekly Report: what happened at DXJS last week (1030-1103)?
Weekly Report · 11/06 11:34
Global Market Roundup: Manufacturing, Earnings Season, Inflation, And More
Seeking Alpha · 10/31 18:50
Bank of Japan Disappoints Markets Again Despite Another YCC Tweak
Seeking Alpha · 10/31 17:30
Weekly Report: what happened at DXJS last week (1023-1027)?
Weekly Report · 10/30 11:54
Bank Of Japan Preview: New Macro Forecasts Will Shed Light On Next Policy Move
Seeking Alpha · 10/27 02:27
Japan's Flash PMI Points To Stalling Private Sector Economy At Start Of Fourth Quarter
Seeking Alpha · 10/24 07:55
Weekly Report: what happened at DXJS last week (1016-1020)?
Weekly Report · 10/23 11:41
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