Ukrainian Drone Pilots Fear China May Lock Them Out Of Homemade Devices: 'Will Turn Into Nothing More Than A Coaster For Your Coffee'

Benzinga · 09/15/2023 08:32

Ukrainian drone operators are apprehensive that China could potentially block their access to homemade drones, constructed primarily using Chinese components, Business Insider reported.

Ukrainian forces have recently amplified their use of ad-hoc tactical drones equipped with explosives. These drones are assembled by units like the Adam Tactical Group using inexpensive, self-made First-Person-View (FPV) drones, created by grassroots volunteer organizations, as per the Kyiv Independent.

These low-cost drones, worth only a few hundred dollars, are built using 3-D printing techniques and parts provided by the Chinese company DJI. The drones are then outfitted with explosives.

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Vitalii, a drone technician for the Adam Group, expressed his concern to the Kyiv Independent that China might choose to deactivate the accounts Ukraine requires to operate the drones effectively, paralyzing their access to this essential equipment.

“All this equipment, on which our whole reconnaissance architecture is built, will turn into nothing more than a coaster for your coffee,” Vitalii stated.

DJI, a manufacturer of civilian drones, mandates pilots to log into an account to surpass height and distance limits on their usage.

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