Do Spyrosoft Spólka Akcyjna's (WSE:SPR) Earnings Warrant Your Attention?

Simply Wall St · 09/15/2023 04:57

The excitement of investing in a company that can reverse its fortunes is a big draw for some speculators, so even companies that have no revenue, no profit, and a record of falling short, can manage to find investors. Sometimes these stories can cloud the minds of investors, leading them to invest with their emotions rather than on the merit of good company fundamentals. A loss-making company is yet to prove itself with profit, and eventually the inflow of external capital may dry up.

Despite being in the age of tech-stock blue-sky investing, many investors still adopt a more traditional strategy; buying shares in profitable companies like Spyrosoft Spólka Akcyjna (WSE:SPR). While profit isn't the sole metric that should be considered when investing, it's worth recognising businesses that can consistently produce it.

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Spyrosoft Spólka Akcyjna's Improving Profits

In the last three years Spyrosoft Spólka Akcyjna's earnings per share took off; so much so that it's a bit disingenuous to use these figures to try and deduce long term estimates. So it would be better to isolate the growth rate over the last year for our analysis. Impressively, Spyrosoft Spólka Akcyjna's EPS catapulted from zł14.49 to zł25.23, over the last year. Year on year growth of 74% is certainly a sight to behold. That could be a sign that the business has reached a true inflection point.

One way to double-check a company's growth is to look at how its revenue, and earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) margins are changing. While we note Spyrosoft Spólka Akcyjna achieved similar EBIT margins to last year, revenue grew by a solid 90% to zł376m. That's encouraging news for the company!

The chart below shows how the company's bottom and top lines have progressed over time. Click on the chart to see the exact numbers.

WSE:SPR Earnings and Revenue History September 15th 2023

Spyrosoft Spólka Akcyjna isn't a huge company, given its market capitalisation of zł441m. That makes it extra important to check on its balance sheet strength.

Are Spyrosoft Spólka Akcyjna Insiders Aligned With All Shareholders?

Many consider high insider ownership to be a strong sign of alignment between the leaders of a company and the ordinary shareholders. So we're pleased to report that Spyrosoft Spólka Akcyjna insiders own a meaningful share of the business. In fact, they own 85% of the company, so they will share in the same delights and challenges experienced by the ordinary shareholders. Intuition will tell you this is a good sign because it suggests they will be incentivised to build value for shareholders over the long term. With that sort of holding, insiders have about zł376m riding on the stock, at current prices. That's nothing to sneeze at!

It's good to see that insiders are invested in the company, but are remuneration levels reasonable? A brief analysis of the CEO compensation suggests they are. The median total compensation for CEOs of companies similar in size to Spyrosoft Spólka Akcyjna, with market caps under zł870m is around zł718k.

Spyrosoft Spólka Akcyjna's CEO only received compensation totalling zł60k in the year to December 2022. This total may indicate that the CEO is sacrificing take home pay for performance-based benefits, ensuring that their motivations are synonymous with strong company results. While the level of CEO compensation shouldn't be the biggest factor in how the company is viewed, modest remuneration is a positive, because it suggests that the board keeps shareholder interests in mind. Generally, arguments can be made that reasonable pay levels attest to good decision-making.

Is Spyrosoft Spólka Akcyjna Worth Keeping An Eye On?

Spyrosoft Spólka Akcyjna's earnings have taken off in quite an impressive fashion. An added bonus for those interested is that management hold a heap of stock and the CEO pay is quite reasonable, illustrating good cash management. The strong EPS improvement suggests the businesses is humming along. Spyrosoft Spólka Akcyjna is certainly doing some things right and is well worth investigating. Now, you could try to make up your mind on Spyrosoft Spólka Akcyjna by focusing on just these factors, or you could also consider how its price-to-earnings ratio compares to other companies in its industry.

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