Google's Swipe At Apple Over Texting Standards Draws Chuckles, Claps At I/O 2023

Benzinga · 05/11/2023 11:09

During Alphabet Inc.’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGLGoogle I/Othe annual developer conference, an executive made a playful swipe at Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) when discussing texting issues between iPhone and Android users. 

What Happened: At the Google I/O event, Sameer Samat, an executive at the company, took a moment to take a potshot at Apple, pointing out that users shouldn’t have to worry about whether everyone in a group chat is using the same type of phone when texting — something that audience responded with cheers and applause. 

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“When you’re texting in a group chat, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether everyone is using the same type of phone,” he said, adding, “Sending high-quality images and video, getting typing notifications, and end-to-end encryption should all just work.” 

He ended the moment by saying, “We hope every mobile operating system gets the message and adopts RCS.” “So we can all hang out in the group chat together — no matter what device we’re using.”

You can watch the complete video here. Samat made the aforementioned remarks in the Android: Ecosystem section.

At their annual developer’s conference, Google unveiled a range of AI-powered tools and new products, including its latest large language modelDuet AImobile lineup expansion with Pixel 7aPixel Tablet and Pixel Fold, and integration of AI chatbot’s responses into search results. 

Why It’s Important: Google’s recent jab at Apple during the event was likely aimed at urging the tech giant to adopt the Rich Communications Services or RCS messaging standard — something that Tim Cook isn’t ready to follow through with

Adopting RCS would address longstanding issues with texting between Android and iPhone users, such as the compression of videos and photos, as well as the inclusion of unnecessary text showing an iPhone user’s emoji reaction to a message — a problem which Cook previously said would solve if users simply buy iPhones

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