YSF Digital Marketing Is Officially Official

Benzinga · 01/06/2023 04:00

YSF Digital Marketing Launched

YSF Records CEO JHood YSF has officially launched his Digital Marketing platform for Independent artist. Well let's be honest it's not just for independent artist, but for signed artist as well.

After the interview of the young CEO people were able to uncover his why behind his new Digital Marketing Agency. JHood starting working on his platform when he realized many of the "marketing agencies" are not legit. They flood platforms with bots and fake streams, using click farms. Majority of follower will be from another country in the Middle East.

Too many artist get caught up in the right now, the fake views and comments only look good on Instagram. None of that transfers to streams or views. None of those viewers become real fans of art. None of that fake stuff can be monetized on these platforms.

So JHood started doing his research. After investing in a few different streaming/marketing classes he started learning about each individual platform. How their algorithms work, how playlist pitching goes, how to experience more playlist growth. Within a 7 month time span he was able to build his own partnerships and venture off into the digital marketing world. Now offering real organic marketing and strategy to artist especially independent artist with no real guidance. He offers complete packages based on where Artist is in their career and where are they trying to get. He emphasis that this is a marathon and that when artists do music the right way it is costly. Being consistent when investing in theirself is so crucial, They can't do it for one month and then stop. To see real growth and progress they must be consistent with self, make sacrifices to get ahead and get people streaming their music.

He assembled a platform that creates a 30 day campaign for YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, and TikTok. Depending on the package artists choose will determine the services offered. He can not guarantee a maximum number with his services, but he can guarantee a minimum because his services will not stop until that minimum is met.

He has several different package choices ranging from as little as $1200 monthly to as much as $25,000 monthly. Invest in theirself quarterly and get discounted rates. His favorite part about all of it is, he gets to genuinely help serious artist who are investing in themselves. By providing top quality marketing, No Bots, No Fake Streams, No Click Farms.

For artist who take their craft serious, for artist who really want to find their fan base, who really want to grow and monetize from their streams and views, JHood is the guy. 

Contact him on Instagram @Jhood_ysf

About Us: YSF is an organic digital marketing agency for independent musical artist. We provide consultation to each artist that utilizes their services which allows them to tailor make marketing packages based on their needs, and their current level of engagement.

Contact Info:
Name: James Hood
Email: Send Email
Organization: YSF Digital Marketing
Phone: 7042223127
Website: https://www.instagram.com/Jhood_ysf/

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