Bitcoin Rodney: Bolstering Education And Income In Cryptocurrency

Benzinga · 08/23/2021 14:50

There’s no doubt the cryptocurrency space is expanding, with Filecoin (FIL), Dogecoin, (DOGE-USD), and Ethereum (ETH-USD) household names. No banks, no wallets, just beautifully wide-open blockchains of financial growth opportunities. Rodney Burton, founder of the Bitcoin Rodney global brand, is no stranger to this online marketplace. After he turned $1,000 in bitcoin into a few million dollars, the Bitcoin Rodney brand was born. Through educational guides, community webinars, and personal mentorship, Bitcoin Rodney has already helped establish 41 millionaires in their personal wealth.

“Our goal is to make this brand accessible to the everyday citizen,” says the Bitcoin Rodney team. “For those who have limited knowledge of crypto finance but want to make smart financial choices and earn levels of passive income off of their savings, our brand is the answer.” Bitcoin Rodney is bolstering education and income in the world of cryptocurrency. If you’re ready to see your passive income streams skyrocket in the cryptocurrency space, look no further than Bitcoin Rodney.

So how can Bitcoin Rodney launch the average citizen into cryptocurrency success? The company’s expertise in identifying profitable crypto-based financial options provides clients with a diverse portfolio to choose from. “We want to provide an array of proven options so that clients can choose what will be most suitable for their lifestyle and growth goals.” Bitcoin Rodney does this by evaluating projects the team may be interested in profiting from. “We take the risk out of real-time crypto income streams.”

Risk and financial illiteracy often discourage individuals from entering the cryptocurrency space. Bitcoin Rodney seeks to bolster confidence in the public through its accessible educational materials. The company’s website offers a free bitcoin educational guide to those who want to learn more about the space. The guide provides handlebars in the areas of crypto terminology, history, and procedures for setting up passive income streams. “Our team has spent years researching, testing, and applying different methods to make this guide,” shares Bitcoin Rodney. “It will teach you step by step how to duplicate systems and earn money like never before.”

Additionally, customers can find interactive webinars on the company’s website that help break down the cryptocurrency space. Topics include “What is Bitcoin?” and “How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin” as well as several interviews with self-made successes in the financial space. One such success, APEX Financial App, is available on the company’s website. Bitcoin Rodney provides a detailed synopsis of the APEX scale as well as an estimated gain calculator for those who want to see projected numbers. 

Bitcoin Rodney believes proper education is foundational in seeing passive income streams soar. The company also knows the value of personal mentorship. This is why their website offers personal sessions with the company’s founder. Clients can book a 15-minute consultation or a 30-60 minute meeting. “We want to make our expertise as accessible to clients as possible,” shares the Bitcoin Rodney team. “Our founder has a passion to mentor young entrepreneurs and investors so that they are successful.

He’s already helped to establish 41 millionaires in their personal wealth.” Bitcoin Rodney clients can utilize their appointments to ask questions, set up personal financial strategies, as well as map out finance goals and projections. With the wealth of educational materials already provided on the company’s website, these one-on-one coaching sessions are the icing on the cake. 

Just as satisfying as Bitcoin Rodney’s educational materials are the company’s community offerings. HyperCommunity is available to Bitcoin Rodney clients who want to expand their avenues of professional expertise. Complete with instructional videos from industry professionals, HyperCommunity is the extra layer of support that clients are looking for.

One client says, “Bitcoin Rodney has been the friend I didn’t realize I needed in this industry. I’ve learned so much through the offerings of this company. Last year, I was able to confidently take the plunge into cryptocurrency and begin bringing in extra income for my family. I was sure of my financial choices because of the knowledge I gained from Bitcoin Rodney.”

Bitcoin Rodney is transforming lives through cryptocurrency education and passive income opportunities. The company’s tailored guides, community webinars, and mentorship opportunities provide clients with a level of personal financial growth options they won’t find anywhere else. With 41 millionaires already established by the brand, Bitcoin Rodney is seeking to make their knowledge accessible to the everyday citizen. “We’ve only scratched the surface in the crypto space, and the possibilities are limitless when it comes to financial growth on the blockchain.” Now you, too, can begin the adventure of cryptocurrency income with Bitcoin Rodney.

Image by Miloslav Hamřík from Pixabay