Can You Take Your Bitcoin With You After Death? Tech Enthusiast Explores The Convergence Between Crypto And Cryonics

Benzinga · 06/03 11:26

“Do not stand at my grave and weep, for I have my Bitcoin.” This adage with a cryptocurrency twist may sound eccentric, but not too far from reality.

Bitcoin holders are delving into the realm of cryonics, a field that offers potential life extension through freezing, to preserve the prized digital asset even after their death.

What Happened: A blog post by software engineer and Bitcoin advocate, Jameson Lopp revealed that Bitcoin enthusiasts are contemplating the impact of cryonic preservation on their digital wealth. Cryonics, the practice of freezing a person’s body with the hope of future revival, poses a unique challenge for Bitcoin holderssecuring their digital assets during a state of suspended animation.

Lopp discussed the complexities of maintaining a Bitcoin portfolio over potentially thousands of years. He questioned the sufficiency of traditional Bitcoin securing methods, such as brain wallets or time-locked funds, due to potential external interference or technological advancements.

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Lopp considers the possibility of a multi-generational trust or an autonomous agent programmed to manage the Bitcoin holder’s assets. However, these solutions also have their own challenges, such as the longevity of legal contracts and the reliability of artificial intelligence.

Despite the uncertainties, he concluded that a diversified approach, spreading assets among various legal and technical storage options, may be the best strategy for Bitcoin holders considering cryonic preservation.

Why It Matters: Interest in cryonics has been on the rise, with a growing trend of pet owners and billionaires investing in cryonics. It was observed that not just the super-rich but everyday people were increasingly seeking out cryonics.

The exploration of cryonics by Bitcoin holders is a significant development, as it combines two cutting-edge fields: cryptocurrency and life extension.

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