Guiyan Platinum (600459.SH) plans to establish a subsidiary, Guiyan Chemical Pharmaceutical Company, to make up for shortcomings in the precious metal APIs industry

Zhitongcaijing · 06/03 11:25

Zhitong Finance App News, Guiyan Platinum (600459.SH) announced that Guiyan Chemical Materials (Yunnan) Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, plans to invest in the establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary, Guiyan Chemical Pharmaceutical Technology (Yunnan) Co., Ltd. (The name is ultimately subject to approval and registration by the market supervision and administration department, referred to as “Guiyan Chemical Pharmaceutical Company” for short). Investment amount: RMB 100 million. Relying on the construction of the “Platinum Anti-cancer Drug Ingredient Industrialization Project”, we will extend the downstream processing of precious metal anti-cancer drug raw material precursor products, make up for the company's shortcomings in the precious metal APIs industry, and strive to become a mainstream domestic supplier. At the same time, we will continue to promote the development and incubation transformation of novel precious metal anti-cancer drugs, build a precious metal raw material base covering production and research, and continue to expand the company's life and health industry application fields.