China Chile's IPO on the Shanghai Stock Exchange “terminated” and has about 400 service outlets across the country

Zhitongcaijing · 06/03 11:09

The Zhitong Finance App learned that on June 3, the IPO review status of CITIC Economic & Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd. (CITIC Shares) was changed to “terminated” on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Due to the withdrawal of the issuance and listing application of Zhongzhi Co., Ltd. and its sponsor, the Shanghai Stock Exchange terminated its issuance and listing review in accordance with the relevant provisions of Article 63 of the “Shanghai Stock Exchange Stock Issuance and Listing Review Rules”.

According to the prospectus, the main business of CITIC Co., Ltd. is human resources service business, which mainly includes personnel management, talent dispatch, business outsourcing, payroll and taxation, health and welfare, recruitment and flexible employment, management consulting and other human resources services.

Zhongzhi Co., Ltd. is at the forefront of the domestic human resources service industry. The company has about 400 service outlets and more than 4,700 employees across the country to provide customers with a strong service guarantee.

Zhongzhi Co., Ltd. serves more than 50,000 corporate customers and more than 10 million employees around the world (including the number of people registered on the platform). The customer types include various entities and institutions such as foreign-funded enterprises, state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, etc., and covers 33 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, and more than 380 cities across the country.

After deducting the issuance fee from the total amount of capital raised in this offering, the details of the investment projects are as follows:


On the financial side, in 2019, 2020, 2021, and January-June 2022, Zhongzhi Co., Ltd. achieved operating income of approximately 14.99 billion yuan, 15.084 billion yuan, 15.546 billion yuan, and 8.663 billion yuan respectively. In the same period, the company achieved net profit of 881 million yuan, 905 million yuan, 861 million yuan, and 526 million yuan, respectively.