Volkswagen Public (01635) was released from the pledge of 120 million A shares by Volkswagen Enterprise Management, the controlling shareholder

Zhitongcaijing · 06/03 11:09

According to the Zhitong Finance App, Dazhong Public (01635) announced that Shanghai Dazhong Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., the controlling shareholder of Shanghai Dazhong Public Utilities (Group) Co., Ltd., held 556 million shares of the company (including: A shares: 495 million, H shares: 61.78 million shares), accounting for 18.84% of the company's total share capital. After the release of the pledge was completed, Volkswagen Enterprise Management held a cumulative pledge of 232 million A-shares, accounting for 41.70% of the company's shares.

This time, Xuezhi shares 120 million A shares, accounting for 21.57% of its shares and 4.06% of the company's total share capital.