Alfalfa Weevil causing issues in IL

Barchart · 6d ago
Alfalfa Weevil causing issues in IL

The Illinois Agricultural Pest Survey coordinator says she’s hearing reports of damage from alfalfa weevil in hayfields across Illinois.

Kelly Estes tells Brownfield… 

“Alfalfa levels are very active this spring.”  She says, “It is pretty important to get out and check your alfalfa fields and see what kind of pressure you have.”

She says damage from the insects can be substantial. 

“Leaf skeletonization.”  She says, “If you’re a drive by scouter, you can look across the field and a heavier infestation is going to have a grayish or whitish cast on the field, and that’s a pretty good indication that the infestation is pretty high.”

Estes says scouting to confirm alfalfa weevil early is key to limiting damage.