New Press Ganey Data Highlights Need for Decompression Strategies to Boost Nurse Resilience

Barchart · 05/13 10:48

Press Ganey, the leading provider of experience measurement, data analytics and insights to health systems and health plans, today published findings in its new report, “Nurse Resilience in 2024”. The report analyzes data from over 345,000 clinical RN voices to better understand the nursing workforce today and makes recommendations on how organizations can build resilience.

Key findings from the report include:

  • The building blocks of nursing resilience are off balance. While nurses, overall, show strong resilience (4.23 on a 5-point scale) and report a strong sense of purpose and finding meaning in their work – known as “activation” (4.56) -- they struggle with the ability to disconnect – known as “decompression” (3.90). Healthcare organizations must invest resources in helping nurses disconnect to minimize burnout and reduce turnover.
  • Resilience varies across groups. Baby Boomers and Gen X tend to have higher resilience than Millennials and Gen Z. And, while men and women show similar resilience, women experience higher activation and lower decompression. By understanding these differences, healthcare organizations can prioritize interventions and maximize their impact on nurse well-being.
  • Building social capital is imperative. Feeling respected in the workplace is the #1 driver of employee engagement, but 29% of clinical registered nurses (RNs) say their organization doesn’t consistently show them respect.
  • Peer support and recognition are critical to driving improvement. An effective strategy to build nursing resilience includes holding "decompression huddles” that enable nursing teams to prioritize remaining tasks that must be done before the end of a shift. In addition to reducing stress, it’s also an opportunity to recognize employees. Organizations can assess the efficacy of decompression huddles by surveying their workforce before and after its introduction.

“The work of nurses is essential to achieving excellence in patient experience, safe and high-quality care, and optimal outcomes, yet the unique challenges of this mission-critical role are contributing to a 19% turnover rate,” said Jeff Doucette, Chief Nursing Officer at Press Ganey. “This report equips leaders with a snapshot of real voices from the frontlines and looks at tactics like decompression huddles to build resilience, reduce burnout, and foster an environment where nurses can have a healthy and positive relationship to their work.”

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