Zhimingda (688636.SH) terminated the issuance of convertible bonds and withdrew application documents

Zhitongcaijing · 05/13 10:33

Zhitong Finance App News, Zhimingda (688636.SH) announced that the company held the 16th meeting of the 3rd board of directors and the 14th meeting of the 3rd board of supervisors on May 13, 2024 to review and pass the “Proposal on Terminating the Issuance of Convertible Corporate Bonds to Unspecified Targets and Withdrawal of Application Documents”.

Since the company applied for this release, the company and intermediaries have actively promoted related work. In view of factors such as changes in the current external macro environment, adjustments to the company's capital operation plan, and its own actual situation, after careful analysis, research and communication, the company decided to stop issuing convertible corporate bonds to unspecified targets and withdraw application documents.