Aleve® Speaks The Painful Truth, Encouraging Consumers to Explore Their Pain Management Options

Barchart · 03/25 11:01

Aleve®, a marquee pain relief product from Bayer indicated for minor pain, in partnership with Mothers Against Prescription Drug Abuse (MAPDA), today launched “The Painful Truth,” a campaign developed to encourage consumers to explore, with their doctors, pain relief options such as over-the-counter (OTC) products before taking opioids, when appropriate.

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Aleve launches

Aleve launches "The Painful Truth" campaign with Mothers Against Prescription Drug Abuse (MAPDA) and National Consumers League (NCL). (Photo: Business Wire)

While opioid dispensing rates in the U.S. are slowly ticking down, they remain elevated compared with rates in other countries. The U.S. makes up only 4.4% of the world’s population, but it consumes over 80% of the world’s opioids. Luckily, consumers today have more options than ever before for powerful, nonaddictive pain relief as they navigate their unique positions on the overall pain spectrum, including but not limited to OTC medications, physical therapy, medication and chiropractic care.

“The Painful Truth” campaign launches with a three-minute film featuring real pain sufferers who are at crossroads in their pain relief journeys and seeking guidance. The featured patients believe they are participating in a video call with a pain expert who will help them explore their options, but as the conversation progresses, our “expert” reveals that they are in fact in recovery from opioid use disorder. At this critical juncture in their care, the patients are encouraged to consider different pain relief options.

“Two big contributing factors to opioid use disorder are lack of education around the potential negative consequences of opioid use and the enduring stigma around addiction. Many of us believe this could never happen to us or someone we love, and that often prevents patients from exploring options for pain relief,” said Mary Bono, co-founder, chair of the board of directors and CEO of MAPDA. “At MAPDA, we encourage people to engage in the vital conversations around drug impacts, and we are so proud to partner with Aleve on ‘The Painful Truth’ to shine a spotlight on that moment when patients should actively engage about their care and explore all viable options.”

Beyond uncovering raw stories of opioid use disorder and its impacts, the campaign challenges patients to fully explore and understand the drugs they are prescribed before using them. The CDC recommends maximizing non-opioid therapies as appropriate before using opioids for acute pain.1 “The Painful Truth” website provides information on nonaddictive pain relief options, like Aleve, and various research-backed, supportive therapies, including physical therapy, aromatherapy, chiropractic care, yoga, restorative sleep and meditation.

“We know there are instances when prescription opioids may be the best course of treatment for some patients, but we want patients with minor pain to know about less addictive options that can be used as the first line of treatment,” said Jeff Jarrett, chief marketing officer, Bayer Consumer Health, North America. “In a clinical study, Aleve was found to be as strong on pain and longer lasting than hydrocodone plus acetaminophen (HYD+APAP).2 Patients should always talk to their doctors to learn about their pain relief options based on their diagnoses.”

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1Dowell D, Ragan KR, Jones CM, Baldwin GT, Chou R. CDC Clinical Practice Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Pain — United States, 2022. MMWR Recomm Rep 2022;71(No. RR-3):1–95. DOI:

2In hours 0 to 4 of a single-dose dental study of Aleve® (440 mg), HYD+APAP (10 mg + 650 mg), or placebo.