3 Cryptos That Could ‘Moon’ in the Next 90 Days

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Now may be the right time to hunt for cryptos that could moon. The Bitcoin (BTC-USD) halving is now less than a month away. It’s expected that in just 29 days, block mining rewards for Bitcoin will be cut in half. That will reduce the new supply of Bitcoin entering the market. While this likely won’t immediately impact Bitcoin’s price, it is expected to send this token soaring much higher over the long-run as a supply crunch takes effect. Bitcoin is already seeing heavy buying pressure from ETFs to the tune of billions of dollars.

Retail investors are also jumping in, but this current rally is largely driven by institutional dollars and whale buying (purchases from large investors). Bitcoin is down 11% from its recent peak as I write this, but these sorts of corrections are normal during a bull run, and we’ll likely see more of them after the next leg up. I believe Bitcoin’s high in this cycle could reach $100,000, or potentially much higher levels.

However, where we could see some really explosive, multi-bagger gains is in the altcoin space. Altcoins can deliver exponentially higher returns compared to Bitcoin, but these tokens also carry much higher risk. If you have the stomach for it though, altcoin investing can be hugely profitable. I believe these three altcoins in particular could “moon” over the next 90 days.

So, let’s take a closer look at the three cryptos I think could moon!

Stratos (STOS-USD)

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The artificial intelligence crypto space has been absolutely booming over the past few weeks. With the hype around AI and machine learning spilling over into this sector, many smaller cap projects seem well-positioned to ride these tailwinds higher. Taking some smaller stakes in these emerging AI-focused cryptos could pay off nicely before the next major leg up in the overall crypto market.

One of these cryptos that has caught my eye is Stratos (STOS-USD). This newly-launched decentralized data mesh platform for storage, databases, and computing has already been delivering significant gains lately. However, after its blistering run higher, STOS has cooled down. Lately, this token appears to be consolidating around a decent accumulation zone.

As a refresher, Stratos was specifically engineered to overcome the scaling challenges facing blockchain networks, while still retaining the core benefits of decentralization like security, traceability, and privacy. The project’s momentum so far has been impressive. Over the past month, Stratos’ price has doubled, before giving up some of these gains. However, its current market cap sits at a still-early $56 million, leaving ample room for growth if Stratos continues attracting more data center demand.

We’ve seen other decentralized data storage cryptos like Filecoin (FIL-USD) and Storj (STORJ-USD) surge lately as the hype around Web 3.0 explodes. Stratos could follow suit in the coming months as more investors take notice. The tailwinds are definitely there, given the massive growth in data center capacity needed.


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Cirus (CIRUS-USD) is an emerging multi-chain cryptocurrency project focused on Web 3.0 applications. With a tiny market capitalization hovering around just $2.5 million at the moment, CIRUS offers significant upside potential if the project gains more traction and its community expands.

Some of Cirus’ key features include a multi-chain wallet and mechanisms for users to increase their “Cirus Score.” This lets them access exclusive ecosystem apps from Web 3.0 Labs, and a browser extension that lets users earn crypto rewards just for browsing that can then be converted into CIRUS and other coins.

In my view, once altcoin season kicks into full gear again, and crypto hype reaches a fever pitch, smaller niche projects like this could gain a lot of interest. Speculative traders tend to flock to crypto-earning opportunities at the peak of bull markets. As an undiscovered microcap play in this space, Cirus could attract inflows from yield-chasers during the next hype wave.

I believe the risk-reward setup looks quite compelling here for opportunistic investors. The downside seems limited from current levels, with this token’s upside potential significant compared to its tiny market cap. If volume picks up, this is a project that could certainly be moon-bound.

OpenFabric AI (OFN-USD)

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OpenFabric AI (OFN-USD) is yet another small crypto project focused on artificial intelligence. It has already posted sizable gains in recent weeks. Along with the overall crypto market pullback, OFN has cooled off slightly after its rapid surge higher out of the gate. But with prices stabilizing around current levels, I think this token is another option trading around a solid accumulation zone presently.

OpenFabric bills itself as a decentralized layer 1 blockchain protocol specialized for AI applications. It aims to offer low-cost and easy access to powerful AI capabilities for all users. Many developers are building next-gen AI applications on its platform.

Despite the recent cooldown, OpenFabric is still up a whopping 70% over just the past month. With its current market cap of around $37 million, I believe OFN has plenty of room left to run if it continues gaining traction.

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