The main business of Xianggang Technology (603499.SH) has not changed and does not involve hot market concepts

Zhitongcaijing · 03/25 11:17

Zhitong Finance App News, Xianggang Technology (603499.SH) announced that on March 25, 2024, the company's stock closed at a rising price. From March 21 to 25, the company's stock had a cumulative increase of 37.90%, and had been rising and stopping for 3 consecutive trading days. The total deviation value from the Shanghai Securities A-share index reached 34.77%. According to inquiries, the company's latest static price-earnings ratio is 325.81 (the latest static price-earnings ratio of the company's industry is 33.79), and the latest net price-earnings ratio is 7.41 (2.15), which are significantly higher than the same industry data. There are situations where market sentiment is overheated, and there may be irrational hype.

The company's main business has not changed. It mainly provides a full range of packaging and printing services for enterprises in the fields of daily chemicals, food, tobacco, etc., without involving hot market concepts. The company's disclosed investment and participation in Shenzhen Jintech Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is only an investment and participation in the operation of the target company. According to relevant accounting standards, the operating performance of the target company does not directly reflect the current profit and loss of the listed company, reminding investors to pay attention to the risk of speculation on hot concepts, make rational decisions, and invest prudently.