Precision Measurement Electronics (300567.SZ) plans to invest 500 million yuan in Kesu and sign a capital increase agreement to expand the semiconductor industry business layout

Zhitongcaijing · 03/25 10:57

Zhitong Finance App News, Precision Electronics (300567.SZ) announced that in order to further expand its business layout in the semiconductor industry and seize the strong demand for high-performance chips brought by the rapid development of data centers, supercomputing, AI and other industries, the company decided to strategically lay out advanced packaging technology.

On March 25, 2024, the company signed a “Capital Increase Agreement” with Hubei Jiangcheng Laboratory Technology Service Co., Ltd. (“Service Company”), Hubei Bohai Technology Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership), Hubei Honghai Technology Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership), etc. The company invested 500 million yuan in Kesu with its own capital, of which 127.356.7 million yuan was included in the paid-up registered capital, and 48,726.43 million yuan was included in the capital reserve. After the capital increase is completed, the company will hold 43.38% of K&C's shares.

All of the company's investment will be used to build the “Advanced Packaging Comprehensive Test Platform Project” of a science service company. The project focuses on the country's major strategic needs, with the mission of solving major scientific and technological problems in advanced packaging, with the goal of leading the advanced packaging technology roadmap to seize the “frontier position” of global international technology competition. It mainly targets high-end chip industrialization in the fields of high-performance computing, high-performance storage, special sensors, and optoelectronic integration to carry out major packaging technology application demonstrations.