Yunkang Group (02325) announced annual results. Shareholders' losses amounted to 102 million yuan year-on-year profit and loss

Zhitongcaijing · 03/25 10:49

According to the Zhitong Finance App, Yunkang Group (02325) announced its annual results for the year ended December 31, 2023. The group obtained revenue of RMB 892 million (same unit), a year-on-year decrease of 76.3%; losses attributable to company owners amounted to RMB 102 million, compared with profit of 377 million yuan for the same period last year; loss per share was 0.17 yuan.

According to the announcement, the decline in revenue was mainly due to a decrease in the group's revenue compared to last year due to weakening demand for phased testing and screening services across the country. During the reporting period, routine medical services in medical institutions across the country returned to normal, patients' medical service needs were gradually met, and the number of diagnoses and treatments in medical and health institutions across the country increased year-on-year. In this environment, the Group continued to focus on the development strategy of “deep service and lean operation”. By deepening the Group's service system and building an efficient operation system, the Group's routine testing business achieved high-quality growth without considering the decline in phased testing demand.