Kangda New Materials (002669.SZ) plans to launch the fifth employee stock ownership plan

Zhitongcaijing · 03/25 10:41

According to Zhitong Finance App News, Kangda New Materials (002669.SZ) released the fifth employee shareholding plan (draft). The current employee shareholding plan does not exceed 4.5 million shares, accounting for about 1.47% of the company's total share capital on the day the draft employee shareholding plan was announced. The total subscription share is no more than 31 million shares, and the maximum amount of capital to be raised is 31 million yuan. The specific share is determined based on actual investment contributions. The share ownership plan is 6.68 yuan/share to buy back shares.

The current employee stock ownership plan lasts no more than 36 months, and the target shares are locked in for 12 months. They are all calculated from the date the “Kangda New Materials (Group) Co., Ltd. Fifth Employee Stock Ownership Plan (Draft)” was reviewed and approved by the company's shareholders' meeting and the company announced the last transfer of the underlying shares to the current employee stock ownership plan. They are terminated on their own after the expiration of the term, and can be extended after review and approval by the board of directors.