Guizhou Gas (600903.SH) sales are expected to increase. Net profit for 2023 is expected to be 68 million yuan to 81.5 million yuan, surging 166.75% to 219.71% year on year
Zhitongcaijing · 01/29 11:09

According to Zhitong Finance App News, Guizhou Gas (600903.SH) released its 2023 annual performance forecast. The company expects to achieve net profit attributable to owners of the parent company of 680.000 yuan to 81.50 million yuan in 2023, an increase of 166.75% to 219.71%; net profit attributable to owners of the parent company after deducting non-recurring profit and loss is 64.0 million yuan to 76.50 million yuan, an increase of 424.84% to 527.35% year on year.

In the same period last year, due to factors such as abnormal climate, tight upstream air supply, and rising gas prices, the company purchased high-priced gas sources to guarantee the supply of downstream users, and procurement costs rose sharply. During the reporting period, in order to reduce gas procurement costs, the company continued to actively adopt various measures and introduce gas sources through multiple channels; at the same time, procurement costs in some business regions were gradually guided downstream, and the difference between purchase and sales increased. In 2023, the gross profit of the company's main business increased by about 150 million yuan compared to the same period last year.