Her Journey: Women’s Empowerment Panel


For Women's History Month, Webull partnered with the New York Liberty to present the #HerJourney panel, which featured three game-changing women discussing the future of finance, STEM, and other spaces. The panelists included Toni Robinson, President and Director of Programming for Digital Girl, Inc, Devin Graham, Head of DEI Strategy of Cloud Recruiting for Google, and Dana Wilson, CEO and Founder of Chip. The event was moderated by Johnna Hayward, Head of Strategy and Partnership Marketing for the New York Liberty. These remarkable leaders touched on important topics such as facing imposter syndrome, having the confidence to take up space, and the power of women championing themselves alongside others.

Webull prides itself on not only providing space for women, but cultivating a sense of belonging for them as well—this is why the #HerJourney panel resonates so well with Webull's mission. Hosting an event that anchors women in fields that don't often make room for them is a crucial part of changing the culture surrounding professions like finance, technology, and sports. Webull is a proud sponsor of the New York Liberty and looks forward to hosting similar events in the future.

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About New York Liberty

The New York Liberty was founded on October 30, 1996 and is one of three original franchises remaining in the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA). The Liberty have made four WNBA Finals appearances in its 26-year history. Owned by Joe Tsai and Clara Wu Tsai, owners of the Brooklyn Nets, the Liberty play its home games at Brooklyn's Barclays Center. For more information, please visit

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