TikTok Trader Austin Hankwitz Takes On Volatile Market, Talks Nikola Investment

Benzinga · 06/22/2020 16:54

The rise of retail trading represents a shift in the stock market. Stocks such as Hertz (NYSE:HTZ), Luckin Coffee (NASDAQ:LK) and Draft Kings (NASDAQ:DKNG) have exploded in the retail trading community. With a large amount of market volatility in 2020, many investors have been drawn into trading. 

Meet Austin Hankwitz, one of the first creators to bring the world of investing to the social video platform TikTok.

Unlike most popular investors on the internet, Hankwitz is focused on teaching his members about dividends, long-term investments and personal finance. He spoke with Benzinga about his success with the platform.

Who Inspired Hankwitz: American entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuck.

Hankwitz simply uses his phone to record his computer while he talks about fundamental analysis. His first 60-second video received over 1 million views and his channel as a whole has over 200,000 followers.

One of Hankwitz’s wildest investments was Nikola Motors (NASDAQ:NKLA), the hydrogen car company, he said.

Hankwitz posted a video while the stock was under $20. The stock is now trading around $65.

When asked about this post, Hankwitz said he is still holding on and staying true to his investing philosophy.

The Nikola trade was a speculative trade and it only makes up a small portion of the TikTok trader's account, he said. 

Hanwitz's most recent investment is Dollar General (NYSE:DG). Listen to our podcast to learn more about it.