SPHQ: A Victim Of The S&P 500's Circumstances, No Room To Outperform
Invesco s&p 500 quality etf has seen significant changes in its holdings. Technology and healthcare sectors have increased and the consumer defensive sector has decreased. The top 5 holdings of sphq have shifted, with nvidia taking the top spot and exxon dropping off the list.
Seeking Alpha · 59m ago
5 Most-Loved ETFs of Last Week
NASDAQ · 8h ago
Barclays adjusts its 2024 S&P year-end target to 4,800
Barclays adjusts its 2024 s&p year-end target to 4,800. Barclays says wall street consensus for double-digit eps growth in fy24 looks overly optimistic. The bank increased its 2024 year- end price target for the s&p 500 to 4800 from 4,550.
Seeking Alpha · 9h ago
Dow, S&P, Nasdaq all hovering near overbought reading on RSI indicator
Dow, s&p, nasdaq all hovering near overbought reading on rsi indicator on the relative strength index. Dow, dji, and the nasdaq composite are all rallying since late october. All three indices are tipping into or approaching overbumpy territory, according to the indicator.
Seeking Alpha · 10h ago
2024 Analyst Outlook: Mott Capital On Market Volatility, The Fed, And Investor Challenges And Opportunities
Mott capital on market volatility, the fed, and investor challenges and opportunities. Macroeconomic conditions for 2024 are uncertain, with concerns about the global economy. Mott capital looks at investor challenges and opportunities in the home market in the year 2024.
Seeking Alpha · 10h ago
Is Equity Risk Worth The Reward In A World Of Higher Bond Yields?
Higher bond yields are presenting tough questions for equity investors. Equities have an important role to play in a diversified allocation today, to help hedge against inflation and to navigate a lower-growth environment. Historical return patterns suggest us stocks can still do well in this environment.
Seeking Alpha · 12h ago
An Uneventful Thanksgiving Holiday Week For The S&P 500
Holiday-shortened trading week saw the s&p 500 close at 4559.34, up 1.0% from the previous week's close. Cme's fedwatch tool continues to expect the fed to hold the federal funds rate steady. Ironman's alternative futures chart shows the index continuing to follow a rising trajectory.
Seeking Alpha · 21h ago
SPHQ: Solid Long-Term ETF, Hugs The S&P 500 Closely
High-quality s&p 500 stocks have outperformed the broad us large-cap index over the past three years. Invesco s&p 500 quality etf is just below its all-time weekly closing high. Sphq has a solid track record and offers some benefits during periods of market turmoil.
Seeking Alpha · 1d ago
Retirees Beware: Dividend Investing Is Overrated (Redux)
Ordinary investors make three common mistakes: thinking they can outperform the s&p500, trying to time the market, and over-emphasizing dividend income and yield. Many retired investors focus too much on dividend income stocks, resulting in lagging returns compared to the broad market. Retirees should be building a well-diversified portfolio centered on growth stocks.
Seeking Alpha · 1d ago
BMO Capital Markets sets base-case S&P 500 target of 5,100 for 2024
Bmo capital markets sets base-case s&p 500 target of 5,100 for 2024. Bmo says base case calls for the s&p 500 to end 2024 at 5,000. The rally would be an increase of more than 10% from current levels.
Seeking Alpha · 1d ago
Rate cuts, S&P upside and oil prices among BofA's key themes for 2024
Bank of america's global research team highlights 10 key themes for investors to watch for in 2024. The bank predicts a 10% rise in the s&p 500 and a shift to interest rate cuts. Bofa also predicts that brent oil will average $90 per barrel in '24.
Seeking Alpha · 1d ago
How Much Time Might Be Left In This Secular Bull Market?
Seeking Alpha · 1d ago
Analysts See 11% Upside For VOO
NASDAQ · 1d ago
Weekly Report: what happened at VOO last week (1120-1124)?
Weekly Report · 1d ago
S&P 500 Earnings: S&P 500 EPS Face Easy Compare Vs. Q4 '22
Q4 ’23 s&p 500 eps has a weak comparison vs. Year ago. Walmart's earnings report is the latest in a string of strong quarterly results. S&p 500 eps were revised higher in early august, but not as much as previously thought.
Seeking Alpha · 1d ago
Top equities with the largest retail order imbalance – JPM strategy
Retail investors net bought more than $4.8b of cash equities in retail this week, the highest weekly inflow since april 2022. Retail was a material net buyer of large-caps for the first time in a month. These are the top 25 equities with the largest weekly retail order imbalance.
Seeking Alpha · 4d ago
AVLV: Add A Quality Tilt To Your Broad Market Index Funds With This Active Large Cap ETF
Tavantis us large cap value etf (avlv) is a relatively new, actively managed value etf. Avlv should be particularly attractive to index fund investors concerned about quality of large-cap value funds. The fund is a passively managed value index fund with a conservatively-weighted value component.
Seeking Alpha · 4d ago
The BofA Flow Show winners and losers of 2023
Cash is the favorite trade of investors in the 2020s, according to bofa's michael hartnett. Inflows of $1.2t to cash, $186b to treasuries and $143b to equities this year. Money market funds are the winners and losers of this year, he says.
Seeking Alpha · 4d ago
A Major Market Surprise Is Likely Coming
High inflation has been the dominant economic theme for the past two years. However, major economic trends are shifting and could lead to a reversal from inflation to deflation in the near future. The market has largely priced in higher-for-longer interest rates. Technological innovation and the fed's aggressive interest rate hikes may lead to deflation. High yield investor predicts a major market surprise.
Seeking Alpha · 4d ago
Keeping An Eye On The Unemployment Rate As A Recession Signal
Economy continues to experience respectable growth with third quarter gdp growth of 4.9%. The unemployment rate of 3.9% has crossed above its 12-month moving average. The recession probabilities index remains at a negative level. The economy is not in a recession but is showing signs of slowing.
Seeking Alpha · 4d ago
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