S&P 500: The Psychology Behind Corrections And Why Investors Should Buy The Dip
Signs of fear are making the headlines after the S&P 500 Index (SPX) came under moderate selling pressure. The widely anticipated pullback has been relatively mild so far. The SPX merely lost -2.9% from its all-time highs before rebounding in the last trading session. Stratos Capital Partners is skeptical that this pullback is an early warning sign of a bear market.
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USD/CAD Eyes Breakout As Oil Price Slide Continues, BoC Meeting Next
USD/CAD is nearing a breakout after being range-bound since April. The Bank of Canada is expected to cut rates this week due to rising unemployment, falling consumer spending, and slowing GDP per capita. Oil prices continued their slide at the start of the week. The Canadian Dollar is being driven by falling oil prices and a weakening Canadian Dollar. USD/Cad is back at the top end of a wedge pattern.
Seeking Alpha · 13h ago
Chicago Fed: Economic Growth Decreased In June
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The Best Tech And Energy Stocks Should Remain Strong
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U.S. Recession In Motion?
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Chart Of The Week: Rotation... And A Question
Home Market Outlook Today's Market Chart Of The Week: Rotation... And A Question. After languishing for ages, smaller-capitalization stocks came roaring back over the past couple weeks. Meanwhile, the “Big Tech” stocks that had been leading markets tumbled across the board. Mike Larson's MoneyShow Chart of the Week for July 22, 2024.
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Citi sees S&P companies beating Q2 EPS estimates on productivity gains in the labor market
Citi sees S&P companies beating Q2 EPS estimates on productivity gains in the labor market. Equity strategists at Citi said they are increasingly focused on productivity as a key contributor to earnings resilience. Citi says it sees earnings gains in labor-market productivity.
Seeking Alpha · 1d ago
Tech Still Likely To Deliver On Earnings
Tech still likely to deliver on high corporate earnings expectations. We think major tech firms can keep delivering on high expectations. U.S. Stocks retreated last week, led by technology names. We expect some bouts of volatility ahead over the short term. A tech-driven pullback has hit stocks on hopes for cooling inflation and interest rate cuts.
Seeking Alpha · 1d ago
The Beginning Of A Stock Market Summer Storm? Or Just A Passing Shower?
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A Change In Leadership?
Since July 11, the small- and mid-cap Russell 2000 Index has soared by more than 7%. A historic rotation into small-cap stocks and a growing opinion-polling lead for Donald Trump. Some of the recent equity moves may have been due to investors positioning for a clearer election outcome. The past two weeks have seen extraordinary market moves.
Seeking Alpha · 1d ago
SSO, LOW, COP, ETN: ETF Outflow Alert
NASDAQ · 1d ago
Daiwa sees breather for Trump trade beneficiaries, market hitting a bottom in October
Daiwa sees breather for Trump trade beneficiaries, market hitting a bottom in October. Daiwa Securities expects likely market beneficiaries of a Trump presidency to take a 'breather' in the run-up to the U.S. General elections in November. The stock market looks headed for a bottom, Daiwa says.
Seeking Alpha · 1d ago
Investors Rotate Out Of Tech Just Ahead Of Big Tech Earnings
Seeking Alpha · 1d ago
S&P 500 Investors Game Board Upset By New Trade Sanctions
Seeking Alpha · 1d ago
Goldman Sachs is shifting to neutral, but remains mildly pro-risk for the next 12 months
Goldman Sachs is shifting to neutral, but remains mildly pro-risk for the next 12 months. Second half outlook for 2024 shifts towards a more neutral stance. The investment bank's baseline view for the second half of the trading year remains optimistic. Goldman Sachs expects a small pickup in growth as inflation moderates.
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Weekly Report: what happened at SSO last week (0715-0719)?
Weekly Report · 1d ago
Earnings Growth Should Continue To Support The Stock Market
Seeking Alpha · 1d ago
Small Stocks Keeled Over After Brief Super-Hyped 'Rotation' Spike. Mag 7 Lost $1.3 Trn In 7 Days
Mag 7 lost another $113 billion in market cap on Friday, bringing the total decline from the peak on July 10 to $1.32 trillion. The week was marked by the continued tech sell-off and the wilting of the hugely promoted 'rotation' into small-caps. The Mag 7's combined market capitalization is now down to $15.69 trillion, from over $17 trillion. Small stocks keeled over on Wednesday, July 17, after their sudden bout of glory.
Seeking Alpha · 1d ago
Weekly Market Pulse: Is That Goldilocks I See?
Home Market Outlook Today's Market Weekly Market Pulse: Is That Goldilocks I see? Joseph Calhoun says the market has been dominated by large cap growth stocks. The stock market selloff at the end of the last week reduced the gains in value and smaller stocks. Commodities are mixed with general commodities down 4% and gold up nearly 3%.
Seeking Alpha · 1d ago
Dollar Mixed As Markets Digest U.S. Political Developments
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