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Can I transfer my IRA from another institution?

Yes, there are a few different ways you can transfer your IRA to Webull

1. ACAT method.  

a. This is a Self-Requested electronic portfolio transfer where you can transfer your IRA as is into Webull, while keeping your positions from your other brokerage.  These are considered Trustee-to-Trustee transfers and are not reported by the IRS.   The Name on the account, the account type (IRA to IRA), and SSN must match in-order for this transfer to happen paperless.  

b. Assets should only be listed stocks and cash at this time.  We do not accept mutual funds, bonds, fractional shares and options currently.

 If you are transferring an ACAT eligible Retirement account* (401(k), SEP-IRA, SIMPLE-IRA etc.) over to Webull, you will need to fill out an Account Transfer Request Form and provide us with your most recent transferring* account statement. 

2. Direct Rollover

a. Make a request to your current Retirement Account custodian that you want your Retirement account transferred over to your new custodian’s (Webull) IRA via check. You will provide them with your Webull IRA account number, and mailing instructions.

i. Checks should be made payable to:  Apex Clearing Co FBO [Your Name and Webull account Number]  (If the check does not have this information on it, please make sure an IRA deposit slip is included in the mail if the check was sent to you.) 

ii. Please have the check sent via tracking mail via USPS, USP, FEDEX, etc

iii. If you are instructing funds to be sent via wire, please have your firm follow the remittance details and be sure to include your Webull account number. 

To ensure acceptance of funds, please provide us with your most recent account statement. 

3.Letter of Acceptance

Sometimes when you request a Direct Trustee-to-Trustee Rollover, your Retirement Account holder will require a “Letter of Acceptance” to transfer the funds to Webull. Depending on if you would like a Full Account Transfer, Partial Transfer, or Brokerage Firm Transfer (ACATs), you will need to fill out our Account Transfer Request Form. Be sure to liquidate all assets and transfer as cash.

4.Indirect Rollover

a. Do you have a check that was sent to you from your IRA and that was made out in your name, or had a direct ACH distribution back to your bank?  This is considered an Indirect Rollover and you have two options:

i. Deposit the check into your bank account and then initiate a contribution into your Webull IRA account for the exact check amount.  You have 60 days for those funds to be deposited into an IRA account to avoid any IRS taxes or fees. 

ii. You can send the check that is made out to you, to our clearing firm for deposit. Please be sure to include a completed IRA Deposit Slip in the mail with your check. Endorse (sign) the check as normal on the back and write Apex Clearing Corp and your account number in the Signature area.

iii. If the funds were sent to your bank account directly, please deposit the same amount into your Webull IRA via ACH and choose the “60 Day Rollover” contribution reason

All Checks should be mailed to:

Apex Clearing Co

c/o Banking

Suite 1300

Dallas, TX 75201

Please send all completed forms to us at Please review the attached document for instructions on how to complete the Account Transfer form and IRA Deposit Slip.



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