Reflections on 2020: A Year to Remember

Webull 12/31/2020


This past year has proven to be a unique moment in time for our collective history that created new perspectives of what we value. For the first time in modern society all traditional commerce shut down as the pandemic seemingly took away our ability to connect and interact, which is the very thing that makes us human. With isolation came time, and with time, empowerment. Millions embraced technology to make those missed connections whole again. We indulged in the simple pleasures of community and family that we may have previously taken for granted and used some newfound time to build skills that will better prepare us for the road ahead.

Over the course of the past year, Webull’s growth has been exceptional as millions have made the decision to define their own path forward towards true financial independence. I am so very proud of the work we have done to make investing inclusive for all and smashing down the barriers of participation in what has turned out to be one of the biggest years ever in terms of stock market performance. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching our Webull community flourish as a platform for peer-to-peer education and comradery as a whole new generation of sophisticated investors are coming into their own.

I often highlight that Webull’s unique marriage of technology and finance gives our platform many advantages to our customers. To this point, we are extremely proud of Webull’s reliability despite having some of the largest market volume days in history. Webull also stands out as the only app-based broker that maintains a customer service phone line since our launch in May 2018. I do realize that our growth coupled with a remote workforce has resulted in longer than desired wait times for our phone system, but, rest assured, we are working on making all customer communications with Webull, both verbally and electronically, vastly improved in the near-term.

Reflecting on 2020, I am humbled by the effort of the whole Webull team who worked tirelessly to release completely revamped and improved mobile and desktop app versions. In March, Webull launched zero commission and zero contract fee options trading. In November, we released our Webull Crypto trading platform, and due to popular demand, we just released a completely new Webull Tablet version as well.

As we put 2020 behind us and enter the new year, I can assure our customers of one constant: Webull will continue to bring premier products and services that will always aim to destroy the barriers of entry so everyone can have the most advanced tools to make their own opportunities for financial independence. I speak for the entire Webull team when I say that without you, our customers, we are nothing. We are committed to innovation and to making your investing journey with Webull both enjoyable and profitable. 

Wishing everyone a healthy, happy, and lucrative New Year!

Anthony Denier
CEO, Webull Financial