Introduction of Webull desktop

Webull 09/01/2020

How can technology help investors? We keep asking ourselves when we were creating Webull.

Technology has changed the way investors trade drastically. In the very beginning, investors could trade only printed stocks and bonds by local merchants as intermediaries. Now, from the comfort of the investor’s own home, they can monitor the market, place orders in milliseconds.

Webull is a tech first, finance second company. We are fully committed to utilizing the latest technology to continue optimizing every aspect of stock trading. We believe in empowering the investor through our technology for easier, faster and seamless trading, with more informed decision making.

Introducing Webull desktop 4.0, the brand-new desktop platform that is fully customizable, easy-to-use and efficient.

There are over 45 widgets to meet your needs. Add Charts, Active Trade and other widget boxes to your screen to help analyze trends, and place trades more efficiently.

Here’s a demo: the Options widget box. You can filter the contracts you want and scroll from left and right to view more data. Your options working orders and positions will be displayed on the contract. You can also click on a specific contract to place an order quickly.

All widgets can be arranged to your liking. Simply add, remove, drag, and overlay widgets to create a completely personalized trading terminal. Or, you can just use our default layout and personalize it to fit your needs.

We are also providing tick by tick market data, which can help you keep pace with the instantaneous market changes and make decisions faster. If you are a high frequency trader, you may want to try out the Active Trade widget. For example, buying 100 shares at the market, this widget box allows you to place orders by the click of one button. You can preset all the order parameters you want, and place orders by simply one click.

Access NASDAQ TotalView advanced quotes for a deeper look into the market. The Auction Crossing NOII (Net Order Imbalance Indicator) shows increased transparency and insight into the true supply and demand in the market place.

Webull desktop 4.0 is a native cross-platform application for Windows, Mac, and Linux, with multi-screen support and better performance. Set up multiple displays with your customized layout. Start creating your own personalized trading terminal on Webull.

All of these features which traders have been pursuing for more than 400 years are available on Webull. Experience the full customizability, speed, and power of Webull desktop 4.0 today. Enjoy tech, enjoy investing.

You can watch the full video on Youtube from Webull Desktop 4.0 - Customizable Desktop Trading Platform