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Softbank exits stake in 24 companies, exits AMZN, GOOG, TSLA
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Actual (USD)
Estimate (USD)
Income StatementMore
Net Income (USD)
YoY (%)
Balance SheetMore
Total Assets (USD)
Total Liabilities (USD)
Debt to Asset (%)
Cash FlowMore
Operating (USD)
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Learn about the latest financial forecast of LN. Analyze the recent business situations of LINE through EPS, BVPS, FPS, and other data. This information may help you make smarter investment decisions.
Analyst Rating

Based on 1 analysts


Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

Analyst Price Target
The average LN stock price target is 49.32 with a high estimate of 49.32 and a low estimate of 49.32.
Institutional Holdings
Institutions: 104
Institutional Holdings: 7.31M
% Owned: 3.00%
Shares Outstanding: 243.79M
Sold Out
  • Performance
  • Asset Allocation
  • Dividend History
No Data
Online Services
Software & IT Services
Key Executives
Hae Jin Lee
President/Chief Executive Officer/Director
Takeshi Idezawa
Chief Financial Officer/Director
In Joon Hwang
Chief Technology Officer/Senior Executive Officer
Euivin Park
Chief Technology Officer/Senior Executive Officer
Yik Bin Park
Chief Information Officer/Executive Officer
Takeshi Nakayama
Chief Marketing Officer/Director
Jun Masuda
Senior Executive Officer
Yonsu Ko
Senior Executive Officer
Yong Su Goh
Senior Executive Officer
Tomohiro Ikebe
Senior Executive Officer
Ayumi Inagaki
Senior Executive Officer
Hee Chan Yang
Senior Executive Officer
Takeshi Shimamura
Senior Executive Officer
Seok Ho Yang
Executive Officer/IR Contact Officer
Go Gan Gi
Executive Officer
Minsu Che
Executive Officer
Kiyotaka Eguchi
Executive Officer
Hideo Fujii
Executive Officer
Eiji Fukushima
Executive Officer
Yoshiki Ikebata
Executive Officer
Hidekazu Ikeda
Executive Officer
Mangi Imu
Executive Officer
Kazutaka Irie
Executive Officer
Katsuto Izumihara
Executive Officer
Hideyuki Kakiuchi
Executive Officer
Hideto Katano
Executive Officer
Kokan Ki
Executive Officer
Dae Seok Kim
Executive Officer
Minako Koga
Executive Officer
Kei Mori
Executive Officer
Shinichiro Muroyama
Executive Officer
Shohei Niki
Executive Officer
Noritaka Ochiai
Executive Officer
Maya Okui
Executive Officer
Yong Hui Park
Executive Officer
Kyoji Ueda
Executive Officer
Nao Watanabe
Executive Officer
Satoru Yano
Executive Officer
Satoshi Yano
Executive Officer
Shoji Yasuoka
Joongho Shin
Independent Director
Rehito Hatoyama
Independent Director
Tadashi Kunihiro
Independent Director
Koji Odaka
No Data

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