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  • Obama says he based decisions on 'facts, reason and logic'
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About XM

Qualtrics has pioneered a new category of software that enables organizations to succeed in today’s experience economy. Our mission is to help organizations deliver the experiences that turn their customers into fanatics, employees into ambassadors, brands into religions, and products intoobsessions. We Live in an Experience Economy Today, organizations thrive or fail based on the experiences they deliver. In a world of abundant choice, experiences differentiate brands and products, and foster customer and employee loyalty. Great experiences drive customer loyalty, upsell and expansion, employee engagement, brand quality, improved retention and referral, and ultimately, greater shareholder value. Conversely, unfavorable experiences lead to increased churn, lower productivity, diminished competitiveness, and value destruction. With the advent of digital communication channels, favorable or unfavorable experiences can be shared instantly and spread virally, amplifying these impacts and raising the stakes for organizations of all types and sizes. Executives Must Own All Dimensions of Experience In this environment, C-level executives are increasingly accountable for issues that transcend basic product and service quality and encompass all of the dimensions that surround those offerings. This extends to thousands of often subtle factors that determine the quality of experiences their organizations deliver, including company culture, speed, convenience, attentiveness, design, and ease of use. We believe that customer, employee, brand, and product experience represent the four vital signs of organizational well-being and that executives are now measured on their performance across these domains. Customer and employee expectations are high, setting up the potential for significant gaps between actual and anticipated experiences. Yet, executives often lack the tools to understand, assess, and take decisive action to address these “experience gaps” as they arise. Today, disruptive start-ups and other businesses flourish by identifying such gaps and designing experiences that attack these blind spots of incumbents. Organizations Need to Address Experience Directly, in the Moment While organizations have traditionally deployed consultants or other third parties to gather data about customer and employee satisfaction, the increasing centrality, complexity, and nuance of delivering great experiences has compelled C-level executives to seek the capability to understand and take ownership of these matters directly and in real time. Given the immediate nature of experience, there is also a strong desire to allow individuals at every level in an organization to comprehend changes in experience quality and empower them to act decisively when it matters most. We Pioneered Experience Management to Power the Experience Economy We have created a new category of software, Experience Management, or XM™, which enables organizations to address the challenges and opportunities presented by the experience economy. XM™ allows organizations to accomplish the following: • Comprehensively gather and analyze a new class of data, Experience Data, or X-data™, that is richer, more immediate, and more salient to understanding quality of experience than traditional operational data, or O-data™, which comes from sources such as customer relationship management, or CRM, enterprise resource planning, or ERP, human capital management, or HCM, Customer Service, and Marketing Automation systems. X-data™ is the human factor data — individual beliefs, emotions, and intentions — collected across multiple channels through which customers and employees engage with an organization. • Go beyond an assessment of what is happening within organizations to an understanding of why trends are emerging in the moment. • Address experience holistically, unifying information and insights from customers, employees, and partners and recognizing the operational linkages between the sentiment of these constituencies. • Become more predictive and proactive, closing feedback loops, and turning insight into real-time action to prevent and close experience gaps where they exist. • Democratize and own analysis and decision making across the organization by delivering powerful capabilities in a simple, easy-to-use product. In today’s experience economy, we believe that XM™ is more critical to improving customer experience than CRM, more influential upon employee experience than HCM systems, and more important to enhancing brand experience than Marketing Automation. Consequently, we believe that XM™ represents a vast, rapidly growing, and underpenetrated market opportunity, and we estimate our total addressable market to be approximately $44 billion in 2018. Our History Uniquely Positioned Us to Create and Lead XM™ Our history uniquely positioned us to pioneer and develop this new XM™ category. Founded in 2002 with the goal of solving the most complex problems encountered by the most advanced academic researchers, we were forged in an environment that required rigorous analytical methods, ease of use, the versatility to address the broadest range of inquiries, and the scalability to reach millions of touch points globally. Our leading presence with academic institutions has introduced millions of students to Qualtrics and allowed them to become proficient in the use of our software. As these students have migrated into the workplace, they have often brought us with them, spawning a whole new class of commercial customers and developing new use cases for our XM™ Platform. Led by these customers, we evolved beyond our traditional research product offering to develop our platform, which incorporates our core research capability and is also designed to specifically address customer, employee, brand, and product use cases. Taken together, we believe that this platform provides a System of Action for organizations to monitor and act upon the vital signs that drive performance in any organization. Our Platform Defines All the Elements of Experience Management Our XM™ Platform is purpose-built to help organizations collect feedback and data across the four vital signs of a business: Customers, Employees, Brand, and Product. XM™ transforms that data into insight, and drives action to create value. The key elements of our platform include: • Research Core — A collection of powerful, flexible research tools to build and distribute data collection systems, aggregate and analyze data, build reports, and draw insight from data. Research Core is designed specifically to instrument, gather, and index human factor data in any format through any channel. Users can synthesize and identify trends within minutes and immediately dig deeper into any data point to extract additional insight. • Customer Experience (CX) — Enables a deep understanding of customer sentiment throughout every customer journey allowing organizations to monitor, measure, and take action where there may be any experience gaps, with a focus on identifying specific challenges and designing solutions to remediate issues and improve satisfaction in the moment. • Employee Experience (EX) — Allows managers and employees to identify gaps in the employee experience from recruiting and on-boarding to performance management in order to improve employee engagement, raise productivity, and limit attrition from start to finish at every touchpoint. • Brand Experience (BX) — Identifies key drivers of brand perception, including psychographic information, marketing effectiveness, and competitive positioning. • Product Experience (PX) — Facilitates the aggregation and analysis of critical feedback to identify and isolate the features and experiences that drive product differentiation and quality and permit more informed pricing and packaging decisions across all products. While our XM™ Platform represents a deeply integrated set of capabilities, each component features functionality and analytics that are significantly differentiated from one another, allowing our customers to adopt the entire platform or individual solutions that directly address their specific needs. Our platform delivers insight to customers in the form of rich visualizations that unify diverse data streams, demonstrate trends, and identify important deviations that signal the need for action. We Have Built a Powerful and Innovative Go-To-Market Model Today, our XM™ Platform is used by over 9,000 customers globally, including over 75% of the Fortune 100. As our research product evolved into our XM™ Platform, our customer base and go-to-market model have evolved as well. From our academic roots, we built a strong, low-touch sales model that allowed us to target users in any size organization. By integrating Research Core and emerging use cases into our platform, we began to penetrate larger businesses and developed more outbound sales capability to drive a land and expand sales motion. More recently, we have developed a strong direct sales capability to address larger customers. Throughout this evolution, we have sought to broaden our reach, delight our growing base of customers, and operate efficiently and profitably. We Bootstrapped Our Company and Have Consistently Generated Cash We believe that we have built a scalable and sustainable business model. As we built Qualtrics, we relied primarily on capital generated by the business. The primary capital we raised remains on our balance sheet, demonstrating the cash flow efficiency of our business. We have been free cash flow positive in every year since our inception, while driving rapid adoption of our solution among organizations of all sizes around the world. For the years ended December 31, 2016 and 2017, our revenue was $190.6 million, and $289.9 million, respectively, representing year over year growth of 52%. For the years ended December 31, 2016 and 2017, our net income (loss) was ($12.0) million and $2.6 million, respectively, and free cash flow was $3.4 million and $21.3 million, respectively. --- We were formed in 2002 as Qualtrics Labs, Inc. In 2012, Qualtrics, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, was established as a new parent company for our operating business. In September 2014, we incorporated Qualtrics International Inc. in Delaware. Through a corporate restructuring in September 2014, Qualtrics, LLC became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qualtrics International Inc. Our principal executive offices are located at 333 West River Park Drive, Provo, Utah 84604, and our telephone number is 385-203-4999. Our website address is www.Qualtrics.com.

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