Dividend Hikes Lift REITs
On another choppy week, U.S. equity markets finished mostly lower despite a solid slate of economic data and assurances from the Federal Reserve that it would keep interest rates near-zero indefinitely.Declining for the third-straight week following a six-week winning streak, the S&P 500 dipped another 1.0% this week and is now roughly 7% below its recent all-time highs.An encouraging slate of dividend news and rent collection updates buoyed real estate equities this week, particularly the more beaten-down property sectors, including malls, hotels, student housing, and mortgage REITs.After the Equity REIT sector was slammed by a wave of 64 dividend cuts in March through June, since then, we've seen far more dividend increases than dividend cuts in the REIT sector, including five more boosts from equity REITs and three from mortgage REITs this week.Housing Heats-Up: Homebuilder Sentiment jumped to the strongest levels on record in September, driven by a surge in Home Buyer Traffic, which far exceeded previous record levels as inventory levels remain historically tight.
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30 Reasons Why Stocks May Fall Further
Stocks are increasingly dealing with technical resistance.Fundamental weakness is a problem that dates back long before the onset of COVID-19.80 billion reasons why stocks will eventually bottom and rally.
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Averages end down again in absence of tech leadership
The shakeout in the megacap stocks continued, pulling the broader market down for the second day in a row.The S&P ended off 0.8%. The Nasdaq closed down 1.3% and has been lower in
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Timber REITs: Literally On Fire
One of the best-performing REIT sectors this year, Timber REITs have nearly doubled since their mid-pandemic lows in March, reignited by a rejuvenation in the suddenly red-hot U.S. housing market.Housing has proven to be the "ultimate essential service." Households have exhibited a propensity to prioritize housing-related payments and investments in home improvement and living situation upgrades amid the pandemic.Lumber prices have soared to record-highs from the combination of insatiable demand and reduced supply resulting from pandemic-related production shutdowns and forest fires raging in the Pacific Northwest.Timber REITs were caught off-guard by the velocity of the rebound in lumber demand from single-family homebuilding and remodeling activity and have struggled to meet customer demand.Long-term fundamentals look strong for the Timber REIT and broader housing sectors, powered by demographic trends that suggest a revival of the suburbs and single-family housing in the 2020s.
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What Goes Up Must Come Down
The "tech-wreck" dragged on as U.S. equity markets declined for the second-straight week after Congress failed to reach a compromise on a renewed stimulus package and after a potential vaccine setback.The seemingly unstoppable rally from the "stay-at-home winners" has come to a screeching halt over the last two weeks. The Nasdaq 100 dipped into "correction territory" with declines of nearly 5%.It was an especially choppy week in the real estate sector as the relatively mundane 2.2% decline from the broad-based Equity REIT ETF masked a sharp dip from retail REITs.It shaped up to be a very busy week of REIT-related news flow, headlined by a flurry of rent collection updates, several dividend increases, and some notable M&A news in the mall and self-storage REIT sectors.Homebuilders were a bright spot this week as housing data continues to impress. Mortgage applications to purchase a single-family home are now higher by a stunning 40% from last year.
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