Nasdaq turns negative as megacaps and stay-at-home plays weaken
The split in the market continues, with recovery stocks performing best, but Big Tech and work-from-home plays are extending weakness, cutting early gains for the Nasdaq (COMP) -0.1%.The S&P (SP500) +0.1% is barely
Seekingalpha · 14h ago
All Sectors See Outsized Buying in Stocks
Despite a rotation out of growth stocks into value stocks, last week saw huge stock buying across every sector.
Investopedia · 16h ago
Vaccine enthusiasm keeps cyclicals at top as S&P gains
Positive vaccine data of the third Monday in a row is fueling the rotation trade again today, with cyclicals leading the marketCOVID vaccinations could start in less than three weeks,
Seekingalpha · 16h ago
Vaccine enthusiasm lifts cyclicals as Dow Jones, S&P 500 lead Nasdaq
Positive vaccine data of the third Monday in a row is fueling the rotation trade again today, with cyclicals leading the marketCOVID vaccinations could start in less than three weeks,
Seekingalpha · 16h ago
Airlines rally as more vaccine data overshadows Thanksgiving travel warning; At the Open
The streak of positive Monday morning vaccine news continues and the cyclical sectors are outperforming, with airlines topping the Industrial sector.AstraZeneca and the Oxford University released an interim analysis of
Seekingalpha · 17h ago
Economically sensitive stocks are ‘spring-loaded’ for gains despite slowdown jitters, top investor Jeff Mills says
Bryn Mawr’s Jeff Mills sees investment opportunities despite trouble tied to the coronavirus lockdowns. · 1d ago
What does the 737 MAX news mean for Boeing's stock in the days and weeks ahead?
Boeing (BA) shares struggled to take off yesterday, despite the FAA clearing the 737 MAX to return to the skies, a key event in a two-year saga that resulted from
Seekingalpha · 4d ago
Boeing 737 Max can fly again: The key level to watch in the stock, according to one trader
Boeing's new clearance from the FAA for its previously grounded 737 Max plane improves the stock's long-term prospects, one trader says. · 4d ago
Major averages in the red as New York City shuts public schools
The S&P (SP500) -0.4% is losing some of its fight to remain at the flatline as further lockdown measures hit New York City. The Nasdaq (COMP) -0.1% is now lower.Mayor Bill de Blasio tweets:
Seekingalpha · 5d ago
Cyclical sectors continue to benefit in a mixed broader market
The recovery trade is playing out on a smaller scale today as the S&P (SP500) +0.1% sees a push and pull between value and defensives, with growth in the middle.The Nasdaq (COMP) +0.3% is
Seekingalpha · 5d ago
Boeing stock is back in overbought territory after five months: At the Open
Boeing is leading a premarket rise in the Industrials again as it’s set to get the all clear for its 737 MAX jet to take to the skies.Boeing ([[BA]], +7%) has
Seekingalpha · 5d ago
Recovery rally holds as cyclical stocks lead through day on vaccine data
Late buying, including a spike at the last minute, came through again for Wall Street to complete the recovery trade 1-2-3: Dow (DJI) +1.6% first, S&P (SP500) +1.2% second, Nasdaq (COMP) +0.8% third.Industrial recovery plays Boeing
Seekingalpha · 11/16 21:04
Mega Buying in Stocks Should Keep Markets Rising
Money is rushing back into stocks. Despite the rotation following vaccine news, high-quality growth stocks should remain long-term winners.
Investopedia · 11/16 16:26
What worked this week: A reflation trade without inflation
The stock market finished the week just as it started. The cyclicals outperformed the growth sectors. The recovery stocks jumped. The stay-at-home plays fell.The news of the efficacy of Pfizer’s
Seekingalpha · 11/14 23:00
Weekly Wrap: A reflation trade without inflation?
The stock market finished the week just as it started: with the cyclicals outperforming the growth sectors in the broader market and the recovery stocks jumping, while the stay-at-home plays
Seekingalpha · 11/14 23:00
This market play may spell profits chiefly due to vaccine optimism
Allianz Global Investors’ Mona Mahajan paints a bullish long-term picture that's tied to a key advancement on the coronavirus front and politics. · 11/11 00:05
Wall Street firm just did something it hasn't done since last February: Turn positive on stocks
Wilmington Trust's Meghan Shue says the firm changed its positioning to reflect a more favorable market backdrop. · 11/09 23:28
Watch this trucking play as industrial stocks gain momentum
Old Dominion Freight Line has a solid technical and fundamental setup as the outlook for industrial stocks improves, says's Todd Gordon. · 11/06 17:00
S&P gunning for fourth-straight day of gains with cyclicals leading
Cyclical sectors take the baton from tech's early strength, leading a broad-based rally.The S&P (SP500) +2% is off its highs but looking at its fourth-straight day of gains of more than 1%.
Seekingalpha · 11/05 17:12
BTIG seeks 'clarity' - and investment ideas - in any U.S. election outcome
"What will We the People wake up to on 11/4?" asks BTIG, in an election-themed note "in search of clarity" in a market overwhelmed by key themes, particularly the coronavirus
Seekingalpha · 11/04 00:18
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