Goldman Sachs Bullish For Commodities In 2021
Goldman Sachs came out with a bullish report to investors last week predicting a surge in the price of commodities over the 2021-2025 period.Goldman see the stock market pullback in the face of rising anxiety over the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic as a temporary setback that will likely wane as the year draws to a close.Goldman's analysis of supply fundamentals and probable demand appears to be broadly accepted. However, views are mixed about when our decade-long low-inflation environment will end.
Seekingalpha · 2d ago
A Historic Capital Rotation Is On Tap
Global economic growth has underwhelmed versus expectations generally since 2011.Lower than expected growth versus expectations has caused investors to chase growth at almost any price, and duration in their bond investments almost at any price.This crowded investment landscape is about to experience a wholesale change, with global growth outperforming expectations led by China and the United States.
Seekingalpha · 10/19 03:48
The Markets Impacted By Increased Housing Demand
With technology enabling workers to be productive from remote locations, the housing industry has felt a direct impact.Lumber and copper are a great gauge of the health and direction of the housing industry, and both have surged in 2020.There are many factors which effect the housing industry including interest rates, the employment picture and consumer confidence. But knowing which markets are directly affected by the growing demand in single-family units can be important for every trader and investor.
Seekingalpha · 10/09 11:11
Real Vision Talks Commodities, Inflation, And U.S. Equity Outperformance With Roger Hirst
The dramatic move in commodities could be due to portfolio rebalancing at the end of the month, or it could be signaling that the recovery is running out of steam.Countries are doing QE to manipulate their currencies and get inflation, but their attempts to reflate their economies are instead resulting in inflated asset prices.U.S. equities are carrying out a bullish narrative of recovery as compared to poorer equity performance outside of the U.S.
Seekingalpha · 10/02 04:53
Commodity Market Turnaround: Now Prices Are Falling
Commodity prices had been rising from March through early September, but this week they turned around and began to fall.The major reason for the reversal seems to be fact that government is not going to pass anymore economic stimulus this year and focus will be directed at Supreme Court.Upcoming government budget talks are going to be dominated by the huge debt loads now being produced and how these can be handled along with Covid-19 problems and economic recession.
Seekingalpha · 09/25 06:19
The U.S. Federal Reserve Continues To Pour Gasoline On The Commodities Asset Class
The Fed reiterates its new inflation strategy at the September FOMC meeting. More stimulus is on the way. Commodities are already showing signs of strength. On the verge of a rally that could blow away record highs. Stopping inflation when it begins to rise is a leap of faith- Hedge your portfolio with commodities- DBC, RJI, and GSG are diversified ETF products.
Seekingalpha · 09/18 19:14
Oil Falls But No Real Signs Of Risk-Off In Commodities
•Stocks fall and oil retreats. •Natural gas corrected from a new high for the year. •Precious metals and copper remain strong. •Grains make a late season move higher. •The bull case for commodities remains compelling- RJI is another option for exposure to the asset class.
Seekingalpha · 09/14 16:43
Financing Challenges Are Another Reason Why Commodity Prices Should Head Higher
Commodity finance is critical for producers and traders.The banks are pulling back.Capital charges become prohibitive.Finance charges will cause production costs to soar.The GSCI Commodity-Indexed Trust will move higher with commodity prices.
Seekingalpha · 09/08 14:11
Fed's Inflation Memo Sparked A New Leg Of The Rally: Greer
The Fed’s “inflation running hot” memo has created a pivotal point in the market rally, and the resulting asset price inflation is exactly what the Fed intended.This new leg of the rally should last for months; markets are responding to the Fed’s direction, and there’s not much to stop it between now and the election.There’s still room to run on commodities, as every dollar that’s going to be invested in commodities and commodity stocks this year is not in the markets yet.
Seekingalpha · 09/02 04:21
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