Bracing For A Double-Dip In EPS Revisions
With coronavirus infections and lockdown risks now on the rise, could a second wave of downgrades be on the horizon?We see further signs of wavering in forward-looking EPS revision trends.As current valuation levels imply, investors appear to be looking beyond the depressed near-term outlook for the brighter longer-term prospects of a post-COVID-19 world.
Seekingalpha · 5h ago
Is It Time To Return To The COVID Winners?
Traders are clearly in risk-off mode at the moment.A correction of sorts makes sense.But, my question is if it's time to return to the COVID Winners?
Seekingalpha · 9h ago
S&P 500 Tumbles in Worst Rout in Almost Two Months: Markets Wrap
Stocks tumbled in the U.S. and Europe as rising coronavirus infections and tougher lockdowns added to worries about the economic hit from the pandemic.
Bloomberg · 10h ago
Die-Hard Inflation Believers Get an ETF for ‘Enhanced’ Exposure
Traders convinced a revival of U.S. price growth is at hand can now double down with a bet that will profit not only from rising inflation, but also from expectations for more.
Bloomberg · 13h ago
Traders Are Dumping Defensive Quant ETFs in Year of Stock Chaos
During one of the most volatile years for U.S. stocks in decades, the least-loved strategy in the $1 trillion world of smart-beta is one aiming to protect investors from the turmoil.
Bloomberg · 15h ago
Not All P/E Expansions Are Alike
The dramatic risk rally since March has driven a sharp expansion in global forward P/E multiples.The disconnect between "P" and "E" is most extreme for the US small-cap Russell 2000 and the least extreme for the FTSE UK.Sector-level P/E expansions have also been fueled by price gains, which themselves have been significantly polarized, reflecting the uneven impact of the pandemic on sector earnings.
Seekingalpha · 17h ago
These Are the Stocks to Watch in a Biden Sweep: Election Guide
To read more about stocks to watch if President Trump wins, click here.
Bloomberg · 17h ago
Market Pause Is Setting The Tone For The Week: Greer
Monday’s rout in U.S. stocks saw a pullback from the 3400 level on the S&P; the market is taking a pause and that is setting the tone for the week.FX volatility is low and there have been no big moves in emerging markets - even for the Turkish lira, which has been coming apart at the seams.Going into the middle of the week, we’ve got pressure on the markets, some expected volatility, and we’re once again seeing that familiar lockdown rotation.
Seekingalpha · 23h ago
3 Negatives And 1 Ginormous Positive
There are three negative inputs to the current market action.And one ginormous positive.From my seat, the positive gives the bulls an edge.
Seekingalpha · 1d ago
World’s Biggest ETF Is Losing Cash Faster Than Any of Its Peers
The world’s biggest exchange-traded fund is losing cash at a faster pace than any of its peers as investors seek lower fees amid a wave of cost cutting.
Bloomberg · 1d ago
Risks For A Double-Dip Recession May Weigh On Stocks
It seems there will be no stimulus anytime soon.Depending on the election, it may be months before a new one is agreed.This a risk that has not been priced into the market yet.
Seekingalpha · 1d ago
Expect The Market To Be Weak For The Rest Of The Year (Technically Speaking For 10/27)
The Chicago Fed's National Activity Index is pointing towards more growth.South Korea has emerged from its recession.The weekly charts for the larger indexes show double-tops, which probably means the 4Q20 will be a tough trading environment.
Seekingalpha · 1d ago
How to Invest During Brexit? Look Outside the U.K., Fund Managers Say
ETFs that track markets abroad are seen as providing the best protection against the fallout from Britain’s break up with the European Union.
Bloomberg · 1d ago
Risky Corner of ETF Market Could See More Debuts After SEC Vote
Bloomberg · 2d ago
Record Flows Pour Into ESG Funds as Their ‘Wokeness’ Is Debated
Bloomberg · 3d ago
Bitcoin Resurgence Leaves Institutional Acceptance Unanswered
Bloomberg · 4d ago
The Perfect Storm
We have a perfect storm on the horizon that is approaching fast.Election turmoil, another wave of the pandemic, and an economy absent needed stimulus are the three fronts of this storm.The market implications between now and year end are a correction at best and another bear-market decline at worst.
Seekingalpha · 5d ago
The Recession Is Over, But Don't Get Too Excited
With record economic growth and hiring this summer, we may soon learn that the recession is already technically over.But the end of the recession doesn’t mean the economy has recovered, only that the worst is behind us in terms of lost economic output, income, and jobs.Expect the recovery in GDP to take another year, while regaining the lost jobs to take closer to two years. Getting back to the former trajectory will take longer still.Investors should be mindful that the path forward will be slow and uneven, even after the recession is declared to be over.
Seekingalpha · 5d ago
One Table And 2 Charts Show Why Stocks Are A Bad Place To Be
This is probably the first recession that inflated rather than popped financial asset bubbles.Panicked governments and central banks are dumping trillions of play-money dollars into the system, a big part of which flow directly into the brokerage accounts of the 1%.Another effect of long equity bull markets is a growing population of companies that are only viable in the easiest of easy money environments.
Seekingalpha · 5d ago
Revised Data Show Initial Claims Plateauing
Initial claims for regular state unemployment insurance totaled 787,000 for the week ending October 17, down 55,000 from the previous week's revised tally of 842,000.The number of ongoing claims for state unemployment programs totaled 8.982 million for the week ending October 3, down 1.22 million from the prior week.The total number of people claiming benefits in all unemployment programs including all emergency programs was 23.150 million for the week ended October 3, down 1.046 million from the prior week.
Seekingalpha · 5d ago
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