This Market-Crushing AI Fund Has Moved Heavily Into U.S. Tech Stocks
Bloomberg · 8h ago
Short-Squeezed Hedge Funds Are Now Getting Hit on Their Bullish Bets Too
Bloomberg · 11h ago
SPAC Boom Heats Up as Latest Blank-Check ETF Hits the Market
There’s a new exchange-traded fund tracking the hot trend of blank-check companies.
Bloomberg · 15h ago
Psychedelics ETF, World’s First, Seizes on Mental Health Uses
The world’s first exchange-traded fund solely for psychedelic-drug companies will debut this week in Toronto, a reflection of the investment industry’s desire to capitalize on rising interest in prospective mental health treatments using the drugs.
Bloomberg · 18h ago
Dot-com Era Stock Valuations Bringing Bubble Fear to ESG Funds
It’s reality-check time for ESG funds.
Bloomberg · 1d ago
Crypto Markets Show More Signs of Excess Amid Bitcoin Rebound
In financial markets filled to the brim with froth, one of the more speculative corners is showing signs of bubbling yet again.
Bloomberg · 1d ago
Bubble Fears Everywhere But All Investors Can Do Is Keep Buying
Across Wall Street, signs of speculative excess are everywhere. Penny stocks surging. Cash pouring into trendy thematic bets. Risky debt paying less than ever. With unchecked animal spirits and historic valuations, what’s an investor to do?
Bloomberg · 1d ago
Biggest Crypto Fund’s 40% Premium Evaporates During Meltdown
Bloomberg · 4d ago
Welcome to 2021 With Barry Ritholtz
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Bloomberg · 6d ago
Fallen-Angel ETF Doubles to $1 Billion as ‘Covid Discount’ Fades
Bloomberg · 6d ago
Vanguard Signals Fee War Intensifies With Active Bond ETF Plan
Bloomberg · 6d ago
Big Oil Takes Unsteady Steps to Cut Transition Risk
For the least prepared in a low-carbon economy, the verdict is in.
Bloomberg · 6d ago
China ETF Overtakes BlackRock Fund as Investors Avert Sanctions
A Chinese exchange-traded fund has surpassed BlackRock’s Inc.’s ETF to become the largest tracking onshore stocks as investors look to ride a surge in equities while skirting a U.S. clampdown.
Bloomberg · 01/20 08:32
Credit ETFs Cause a Liquidity Problem and Then Sell the Solution
Wall Street’s long-running debate over whether corporate bond ETFs are either a force for good or bad might be missing the point. Both sides are likely right.
Bloomberg · 01/19 14:23
JPMorgan Strategists Say $40,000 Is Key Test for Bitcoin Boom
Bitcoin could be at risk of a further drop unless the digital coin climbs back above $40,000 soon.
Bloomberg · 01/18 01:47
Stock Market Usually Rises Even When One Party Rules Washington
For all the risks U.S. investors are still facing, the political party of the incoming president isn’t necessarily one of them.
Bloomberg · 01/16 21:00
Trump’s Onslaught on China Inc. Leaves Key Decisions for Biden
Bloomberg · 01/15 11:00
How Palladium Became a Really, Really Precious Metal
Bloomberg · 01/14 16:07
Options Feedback Loop Revives Bust Warnings in Soaring Stocks
As stocks extend their relentless rally from last year’s bottom, one measure in the options market is flashing a warning signal.
Bloomberg · 01/14 15:57
Short Interest in World’s Biggest ETF Plunges to Decade Lows
Bets against the world’s largest exchange-traded fund have plunged back to pre-pandemic levels seen about a year ago, before the onset of the fastest stock bear market in history.
Bloomberg · 01/14 15:42
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