EIA says system still being restored, will not publish new data today
The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) will not publish new data on Monday, including its gasoline and fuel update, as it is still in the process of restoring its systems.
Seekingalpha · 5d ago
Persian Gulf Gets First ETFs Tracking US Stocks From Chimera
Bloomberg · 5d ago
EIA data releases for week of June 20 to be delayed due to system issues
The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) said Thursday product releases scheduled for the week of Jun. 20 will be delayed due to system issues. "Our experts are working on a
Seekingalpha · 06/23 14:05
Big Options Bet Is Positioning for More Gains in Chinese Stocks
Bloomberg · 06/21 20:42
Wall Street Gets a Short-Bitcoin Fund After 70% Crypto Collapse
Bloomberg · 06/21 11:34
Retail Traders Who Drove Meme Frenzy Bail Out in Bear Market
Bloomberg · 06/17 19:30
U.S. rig count continues upward climb, adding 7 in Baker Hughes survey
Active oil and gas drilling rigs in the U.S. added another 7 to 740, 57% above year-ago levels, Baker Hughes reported Friday in its latest weekly survey. Drilling rigs targeting
Seekingalpha · 06/17 17:12
How Global Trade, China, ETFs, and Derivatives Exploded Over 30 Years
Bloomberg · 06/17 14:00
EIA inventory report - Crude inventory rises unexpectedly
Energy Information Administration Petroleum Inventories Crude +2M barrels vs. -1.314M consensus, +2.025M last week. EIA Gasoline -0.7M vs. +1.066M consensus, -0.812M last week. EIA Distillates +0.7M vs. +0.292M consensus, +2.592M last week. Futures (CL1:CO...
Seekingalpha · 06/15 14:30
Wealth Shock Delays Gold Bull Market as Goldman Revises Targets
Bloomberg · 06/15 02:00
Credit ETFs Are Flashing a Warning as Prices Break From Assets
Bloomberg · 06/14 19:44
Global Stock Rout Prompts Call for Back-to-Basics Investing
Bloomberg · 06/14 12:22
Are We There Yet? No. Are We There Yet? No. Are We There...
Bloomberg · 06/14 11:25
‘Bear-Market Blues’ Test Mettle of Most Devout Bitcoin Holders
Bloomberg · 06/13 23:00
Sell-Everything Markets Are Serving Up Healthier Doses of Panic
Bloomberg · 06/13 20:29
Traders Pounce on Recession Hedges at Fastest Pace Since 2020
Bloomberg · 06/13 14:35
Friday's CPI Print And Recent Price Action Suggest The Market Is Following A 1970's Analog. Bullish For Oil, Bearish For Tech.
That '70s Show In the wake of Friday's soaring CPI print and Bank of America strategist Michael Hartnett's latest note ("A Dire Outlook From Wall Street's Biggest Bear"), it's worth revisiting the '70s bear market analogue he sketched out last month, and h...
Benzinga · 06/13 14:06
VIX Traders Shaken From Sleep With Discount to S&P Snapping Shut
Bloomberg · 06/10 19:08
U.S. oil rig count resumes gains, adding 6 in Baker Hughes survey
Active oil and gas drilling rigs in the U.S. rose by 6 to 733, following two weeks of flat-to-lower counts that snapped 30 weeks of gains, Baker Hughes reported on
Seekingalpha · 06/10 17:10
‘Just Keep Buying’ as the New Bear Market Strategy
Bloomberg · 06/09 08:00
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