Goldman sees commodities bull market in 2021 on inflation risk, stimulus
Goldman Sachs sees a structural bull market for commodities emerging in 2021, sparked by a weaker U.S. dollar, rising inflation risks and demand driven by additional fiscal and monetary stimulus
Seekingalpha · 3h ago
Investors Brace for Barrage of Covid Vaccine Data to Roil Market
Bloomberg · 5h ago
The Daily Dose: Deck Stacked Against Crude
Commodities giveth and taketh away.Russia pours cold water over OPEC-led curtailments.And we hate to say we told ya so, but we told ya so. Though, to be fair, it is 2020 so anything can happen.
Seekingalpha · 12h ago
Oil slides as demand worries outweigh decline in U.S. crude supplies
U.S. crude oil (CL1:COM) plunges as U.S. government data showed domestic crude supplies fell for a second week in a row but by less than the market expected and failing
Seekingalpha · 22h ago
U.S. Shale Enters A New Era With Recent Consolidations, Marking The End Of High Production Growth
Cycle bottom M&A indicate two things to us: 1) High implied decline in PDP resulting in inability to access to capital, and 2) no capital.A flurry of deals have been announced during the last two months, but the most notable one, in our view, was Pioneer buying Parsley.Parsley Energy was one of the worst offenders of the "grow at any cost" shale business model, and for it to sell at the bottom of this market cycle is telling.The shale treadmill has finally caught up to some of the worst offenders of the "grow at any cost" abusers, and at the stewardship of larger companies that have to answer to shareholder demand for return on capital, production growth will be much more tamed for US shale going forward.
Seekingalpha · 23h ago
Giant Fund at Heart of Oil Storm Sees Biggest Exodus Since 2016
Bloomberg · 1d ago
Stock Pickers Are Getting an Edge Over Passive by Short Selling
Bloomberg · 1d ago
Market-Beating Robot Fund Manager Shies Away From Cyclical Bets
An AI fund which has almost doubled the performance of the S&P 500 Index this year isn’t buying into bets on a rebound in cyclical stocks.
Bloomberg · 1d ago
The Lifespan of 15 Millennials Is Now Meaningless to QQQ’s Fate
The longevity of one of the world’s largest exchange-traded funds no longer depends on a group of millennials.
Bloomberg · 2d ago
Rally in Covid-Testing Stocks Here to Stay in Virus Resurgence
Bloomberg · 2d ago
In New 60/40 Portfolio, Riskier Hedges Are Displacing U.S. Debt
Bloomberg · 2d ago
Rising Chinese Oil Consumption Invalidates Concerns About 'Permanent Demand Issues' From COVID-19
China's implied oil demand is coming in a bit higher year-over-year.Chinese refinery output picked up ~1.3% y-o-y, but product storages still declined and at a rather large pace.Anecdotal data like traffic congestion and domestic flights are indicating that demand has returned to the norm.If the idea that permanent demand issues will persist from COVID-19 is proven wrong, then we think the market is going to very wrong-footed for 2021.While China is only one country, it's the country that started this COVID-19 pandemic, and for demand to have rebounded back to full after just 10 months later should tell you something about the resiliency of oil consumption.
Seekingalpha · 2d ago
OPEC Seaborne Exports Drop To A New Multi-Year Low
U.S. crude oil production potential has been significantly damaged.VLCC floating storage situation has improved dramatically over the past several months.The stock of refined products at five major ports remains elevated, but is declining slowly.OPEC seaborne crude oil exports are down some 25% y-o-y.Brent December contract is still trading within the descending wedge, but a break above 44.20 will negate the bearish trend and will open the way towards 46.90 and 49.50.
Seekingalpha · 3d ago
Managers of $25 Trillion Are Almost All Bond Quant Believers Now
Many of the biggest quant strategies in the stock market these days are plagued by doubt and debate. In fixed income, they just got a $25 trillion endorsement.
Bloomberg · 3d ago
Energy stocks slammed even as crude oil prices little changed
Energy stocks comprise four of today's five biggest losers on the S&P 500 after investors registered their disappointment with Schlumberger's quarterly results: [[SLB]] -8.5%, [[HAL]] -5.6%, [[XEC]] -5.1%, [[HFC]] -4.5%.Meanwhile,
Seekingalpha · 5d ago
OPEC Oil Production For September 2020
Total OPEC production was down 47,000 barrels per day in September but that was after August production was revised upward by 109,000 bpd.Russia is the only other oil-producing nation that has production data for September. Russia's C+C production was up 61,000 barrels per day in September.There will likely be no recovery in oil demand or prices next year because the Covid pandemic will likely be worse.
Seekingalpha · 6d ago
Creator of Surging Sports Betting ETF Sees Next Boom in Europe
Investors who fear they missed out on this year’s stock-surge in U.S. sports betting companies should look at their more undervalued peers across the pond.
Bloomberg · 6d ago
The Death Of Oil
Energy stocks have taken a beating over the last few weeks.Concerns about a worldwide resurgence of COVID-19 have raised the specter of declining economic activity and the negative potential impact on oil demand.Longer-term two news items last month, one from the governor of California and one from China, probably pushed the sentiment surrounding the group even lower.There continues to be an ill-conceived media narrative perpetuating this tale of woe.I do believe climate change is real and a threat to our planet, but the feared demise of oil as a primary energy source now and into the foreseeable future seems a bit overdone.
Seekingalpha · 6d ago
Implied IEA Oil Supply And Demand Balance Suggests No Excess Inventories By Year End
IEA's oil market report was released yesterday suggesting a Q4 2020 market deficit of 4.1 mb/d.Excess oil inventories for OECD is pegged at 209.1 million barrels. This means that the deficit in Q4 will eliminate all of the surpluses and more.In addition, we have US oil production materially lower than IEA's ~11 mb/d average for Q4, which means there's potentially more draws ahead.Now all of this is also hinged on demand returning to average ~96.1 mb/d for Q4, so this remains the largest variable to get right.So unless IEA can't do math or something goes awfully wrong, it does appear that the excess oil inventories should be eliminated by year-end.
Seekingalpha · 6d ago
Make-or-Break Volatility Event Is Looming in Options Expiration
Bloomberg · 10/15 14:22
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