Foster Group, Inc. Buys Palantir Technologies Inc, Vanguard Russell 2000 Index Fund, Vanguard ...
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Day Traders Miss the Days When Stocks Were Wild and So Much Fun
Individual investors who poured into markets via apps such as Robinhood last year lament the lack of volatility and supersized gains.
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Behind the NYSE’s Swerves on Delisting China Stocks
In the course of a week, the New York Stock Exchange said it would delist a trio of Chinese companies, then that it wouldn’t and then that it would, stoking confusion among investors globally. The moves were the result of an initiative by then-President Do...
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Cathie Wood’s Ark Joins Top 10 ETFs With Tesla-Heavy Fund
Bloomberg · 01/11 16:54
Nancy Davis Has $1 Billion After Ditching Hedge Fund for ETF
Nancy Davis of Quadratic Capital Management LLC offered a glimpse of the future when she pivoted from her hedge fund to launch an ETF in 2019.
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JPMorgan Strategists Say U.S. ETF Could Sap Bitcoin Price
U.S. approval of a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund could weigh on the digital coin’s price in the short term, according to JPMorgan Chase & Co.
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Gold’s Slump on Yields, Dollar Fires Warning at Everything Rally
Gold’s sharp tumble is sounding a warning about potential vulnerabilities across markets.
Bloomberg · 01/11 06:36
Hang Seng Indexes Under Pressure as Funds Avoid Chinese Stocks
Hong Kong’s index provider is facing increasing pressure to comply with a U.S. ban on investments in Chinese companies that populate its benchmarks.
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Cathie Wood’s Flagship Fund Posts Largest Outflow on Record
The largest product from Cathie Wood’s prominent exchange-traded fund lineup did something unusual on Tuesday -- it posted outflows.
Bloomberg · 12/30/2020 15:50
Cathie Wood Buys Back Option That Had Threatened Control of Ark
The fight for control of Ark Investment Management is over after Chief Executive Officer Cathie Wood purchased the option that threatened her control.
Bloomberg · 12/28/2020 15:39
Covid Online Boom Just the Start for Top Emerging-Market ETF
Bloomberg · 12/28/2020 14:56
How ETNs Became ETFs’ Riskier, Less-Loved Cousins
Exchange-traded funds, which soared in popularity during the last decade, have a lesser-known cousin called the exchange-traded note. While ETFs and ETNs may sound a lot alike, there are huge differences, especially when it comes to risk. Massive price swings in 2020 have contributed to greater awareness about the downsides of ETNs. Now, their issuers are shutting them down at the fastest pace ever.
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Who Cares About Alpha Anyway? Winning Without Picking Winners With Larry Swedroe (Podcast)
Larry Swedroe has established himself as a voice of financial reason and one of the world's foremost proponents of evidence-based investing over nearly five decades managing money.His recently updated and expanded best-seller, The Incredible Shrinking Alpha, is a well-timed continuation of the argument he's been making for decades: Investors need not do anything spectacular to succeed.Rather than search for alpha, that ever-elusive holy grail of investing, investors are better off seeking beta, creating risk-adjusted return streams that offer the best chance at reaching their goals.
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SCHB: The Hated Market Rally Could Continue
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Why Massive Federal Spending Probably Won't Lead To Inflation
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27 Solid Ways to Build Your Wealth
Building wealth is essential to accomplish a variety of goals, from sending your kids to college to retiring in style. But establishing a solid financial foundation will also help you survive stock market corrections and bear markets, recessions, health em...
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