Weekly Report: what happened at RSPS last week (1120-1124)?
Weekly Report · 1d ago
U.S. Consumer Bargain Hunting Continues Into Cyber Monday As Average Discounts Rise
Lseg holiday sales forecast spending for the entire holiday season is only set to rise 1.4% over last year’s sales levels. Cyber monday discounts tend to be an extension of black friday deals. Of the 205 retailers tracked by lseg, the broadline sector is headed for the highest earnings growth rate.
Seeking Alpha · 3d ago
U.S. Holiday Sales To Grow As Slowing Inflation Readies Real Sales To Rise
Holiday retail sales are expected to grow 3.3% in 2023, below the pre-pandemic average of 3.9%. Slowing inflation and strong growth of gdp are set to keep labor markets tight, wages growing and consumers spending. Real holiday retail sales expected to rise almost 3.0% in the third quarter of 2023.
Seeking Alpha · 5d ago
Consumer Inflation Is Fading Fast - And Producer Prices Turned Negative
Consumer inflation is fading fast, and producer prices actually declined last month. This means the fed is done raising key rates. Producer prices declined 0.5% in october, the first monthly decline since june. Wholesale gasoline prices declined 15.3% and wholesale prices of imports also declined in october.
Seeking Alpha · 11/21 13:30
U.S. Retail Black Friday Deals Arrive Early
Black friday deals are arriving earlier this year as u.s. Consumers are still dealing with higher prices. The discount penetration (how much of the assortment is on sale) rose to 42% in november. Retailers are ramping up the amount of merchandise on sale ahead of black friday.
Seeking Alpha · 11/21 03:40
Thanksgiving Dinner Taking A Smaller Bite Out Of Budgets
In 2022, the average cost for a thanksgiving dinner for 10 people was $64.05. The estimated cost of a thanksgiving meal is down 4.5% from 2022’s record high. The absence of widespread bird flu this year has helped bring down the cost of turkey.
Seeking Alpha · 11/21 03:10
Weekly Report: what happened at RSPS last week (1113-1117)?
Weekly Report · 11/20 11:47
IYK: Consumer Staples Dashboard For November
Ishares us consumer staples etf has been outperforming xlp since inception. Consumer staples sector is very close to 11-year averages in valuation. Tobacco industry has the best value score, but quality metrics are underwhelming. Iyk: consumer staples dashboard shows aggregate industry metrics in consumer staples.
Seeking Alpha · 11/18 13:00
Pipeline Pressures Support The U.S. Soft Landing View
Pipeline inflation pressures as measured by ppi are very soft with headline producer prices falling 0.5% mom. Us retail sales rose 0.7% month-on-month in october despite credit card transaction numbers looking weak. Ppi shows weak pipeline inflation pressures and supports the soft landing narrative.
Seeking Alpha · 11/16 11:30
S&P 500 Earnings: Forward Growth Estimates Starting To Be Reduced
Forward growth estimates for the s&p 500 are starting to be reduced. Crude oil and gasoline have fallen sharply in the last 6 weeks. I think the trimming or revising of lower forward growth estimates is a reflection of the fomc policy. Here's a table showing the quarterly "bottom-up" growth rates for forward quarters.
Seeking Alpha · 11/14 06:11
Anatomy Of A Recession Update: How Long Will Consumers Keep Spending?
Jeffrey schulze, cfa, investment strategist, clearbridge investments. Jeffrey says the resilient consumer is not expected to last. Schulzes says the economy is starting to slow. Schumacher: yields have risen dramatically in response to better-than-expected numbers.
Seeking Alpha · 11/13 20:08
Weekly Report: what happened at RSPS last week (1106-1110)?
Weekly Report · 11/13 11:38
Weekly Report: what happened at RSPS last week (1030-1103)?
Weekly Report · 11/06 11:45
Is Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Consumer Staples ETF (RSPS) a Strong ETF Right Now?
NASDAQ · 11/02 10:20
Should You Invest in the Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Consumer Staples ETF (RSPS)?
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Weekly Report: what happened at RSPS last week (1023-1027)?
Weekly Report · 10/30 12:07
Wall Street Breakfast Catalyst Watch: Hershey Lead, Cocoa Worries Ahead Of Holidays
Seeking Alpha · 10/28 11:00
Consumer Discretionary Vs. Staples: What ETFs Can Tell Us
Seeking Alpha · 10/27 12:00
Halloween Inflation Is Not Spooking The U.S. Consumer
Seeking Alpha · 10/27 06:28
Consumer Discretionary vs. Staples: What ETFs Can Tell Us
NASDAQ · 10/26 13:00
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