Invesco Preferred ETF declares monthly distribution of $0.0625
Invesco Preferred ETF (PGX) - $0.0625.30-Day SEC Yield of 4.61% as of June 18.Payable Jun 30; for shareholders of record Jun 22; ex-div Jun 21.
Seekingalpha · 1d ago
Wannabe Bitcoin ETFs Are Mushrooming and Getting More Creative
Bloomberg · 06/12 13:00
Southern Wealth Management, LLP Buys First Trust Preferred Securities and Income ETF, BTC ...
GuruFocus News · 05/17 13:38
JSF Financial, LLC Buys Quadratic Interest Rate Volatility And Inflation H, Costco Wholesale ...
GuruFocus News · 05/05 06:38
Crewe Advisors LLC Buys Ensign Group Inc, Pennant Group Inc, iShares Core S&P Mid-Cap ETF, ...
GuruFocus News · 04/21 19:38
Niche ETFs Are Winning Over Chinese Investors
There are more thematic exchange-traded funds than broad index ETFs for the first time since China’s ETF market started in 2003.
Bloomberg · 03/22 21:00
Bond Dip Buyers Emerge After Treasury Selloff Hits Record Speed
Bloomberg · 03/22 19:52
Death of a Treasury Bull Market Rocks Faith in Market Winners
Stocks may be catching a breather in Monday trading, but the aftershocks from the sharpest bond selloff in almost five decades are set to reverberate across investing strategies hitched to the cheap-money era.
Bloomberg · 03/22 16:11
Anthony Scaramucci Is Backing the Latest Bid for a Bitcoin ETF
The race for the first Bitcoin ETF in the U.S. is heating up, with another well-known name joining the bandwagon: Anthony Scaramucci.
Bloomberg · 03/22 13:24
BlackRock Cuts Fees on $7.6 Billion Style ETFs to Near Zero
BlackRock Inc.’s revamped $7.6 billion lineup of style ETFs will feature new benchmarks, different tickers and a perk: rock-bottom fees.
Bloomberg · 03/22 12:36
Yes, Bond ETFs Can Go Haywire. But That’s a Good Thing, Says BIS
Critics of the passive-investing boom in bonds warn about the risks stemming from the mismatch between highly tradable ETFs and the illiquid securities they hold.
Bloomberg · 03/01 12:00
As a Treasuries Rout Went Global, China’s Bonds Shone on Alone
As investors fled almost every fixed-income asset from the safest government bonds to the highest-yielding securities last week, one market stood out as a haven.
Bloomberg · 03/01 11:00
Cathie Wood’s Power in Some Stocks Is Even Bigger Than It Seems
A rough week for Cathie Wood is reminding Wall Street that Ark Investment Management has a lot of cash in not that many companies. In fact, the firm’s dominance in some stocks may be even greater than it seems.
Bloomberg · 02/27 21:00
Cathie Wood’s Ark ETF Tumbles as Rates Spike Rips High-Flyers
The spike in Treasury yields that’s rekindled inflation concern dealt another blow to some of the stock market’s highest flyers.
Bloomberg · 02/22 21:34
Bond ETFs of Every Flavor Hammered by Building Inflation Bets
Exchange-traded funds across the bond spectrum are bleeding assets as investors brace for higher inflation.
Bloomberg · 02/22 17:26
Bitcoin ETF Sellers in Sweden Urged to Avoid Average Consumers
Sweden’s financial watchdog has told investment firms and banks to think twice before selling exchange-traded crypto-tracking products to average consumers.
Bloomberg · 02/22 11:03
ESG Magnates Pour Money Into Asia as Rest of Developing World Lags
Bloomberg · 02/22 00:00
Raging Success of First Bitcoin Fund Shows Who Leads ETF Market
Bloomberg · 02/21 12:00
VIX Bets Shows Volatility Concerns Are Ebbing But Not Forgotten
Bloomberg · 02/15 07:59
Speculative Traders Add Billions to ‘Meme’ Stocks at New Records
In a quiet week by 2021 standards, the speculative excesses that have defined this bull market hit new records with little fanfare.
Bloomberg · 02/13 21:00
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